Colonial Times Special Edition

Slavery Spreads Through the Colonies

Slave Ownership is a Growing Trend

More and more colonists are purchasing slaves to work on their plantations. This trend is growing and a fast pace because of the financial incentives. Slaves are affordable and offer a lifetime of value. Many slaveholders have also realized the capacity for financial security by purchasing male and female slaves together that can then provide the slaveholder with children. This is a growing economic field with a prosperous future.

The Slave Experience

Life as a Slave

Slaves throughout the colonies report that they are unhappy with their living and working conditions. They describe crowded living quarters and poor food and clothing. Some have described their treatment as harsh and violent. They detail stories of being beaten by their owners and treated very poorly.

Some of these slaves have tried to fight back. One common action is sabatoging plantation equipment or projects. Yet, some other slaves have tried to escape to free colonies in the north.

The Slavery Question

While the slaveholders are experiencing significant financial growth, the negative aspects of slavery are staggaring. Some colonists in the north are already starting a movement against the practice of slavery. Will slavery continue in future generations? Only time will tell.