Teachers' Fun-filled Field Trip!

THANK YOU for nurturing hearts & souls at CCC!

We want to THANK YOU for all your time and effort this past year....

...as one of our teachers at CCC during the '12-'13 education year! So, you're invited to hop on board the "magic" CCC church bus, settle in with a napkin, a beverage, and a "Porter-able Picnic" dinner, and enjoy your group excursion to Downview Sports Center in Cuyahoga Falls, to play Putt Putt as a teaching team! The competition will be tough - especially with a certain golf pro in our midst - but maybe we'll all get free putting lessons! Then we're off to a new place in Monroe Falls called Cupcake Binge! The excursion, dinner, putt putt, and your cupcake is our way of saying "thanks" for sharing your gift of teaching with the children, youth, and adults at CCC!

Teachers' Fun-filled Field Trip

Friday, Aug. 9th 2013 at 6pm

210 N Main St

North Canton, OH

Please R.S.V.P. to Kim Porter (330-324-0185) or kimporter@northcantonccc.org
Loretta Fuhrig is making our yummy "Porter-able Picnic" bags to eat on route...if you have any special dietary restrictions, please contact Loretta a.s.a.p. (330-209-6000).