Apartheid in Africa

By: Ali Briggs & Kaylan Bradley

What Is Apartheid and How Was It Caused?

The goal was to maintain white domination and extend racial separation.  It was the governments main political platform whose ideas were inspired by Nazi Germany.  It was started when the National Party came to power 1948.

The Effects of the Apartheid.

There were restrictions on the South African's majority population, like, white only jobs, prohabitions of marriages between races, and homelands were independant states created so the South African's were assigned by government according to origin.


The African National Congress was created to protect rights of the Natives.  Apartheid laws were abolished in 1991, giving SA citizens equal rights.  The Land Rights Bill was passed in 1994 designed to help people regain lost lands.  The election of president Mandela helped to rebuild the African nation.
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