Women's Mental Health

By Eric and Briana


In order for universal acceptance and betterment of those diagnosed with mental illness, awareness and education on mental illness must be advanced.

Girl Scouts Engage in a Fight Against Mental Illness

From Mental Health Weekly Digest.

The position of the article is through better education on mental illness, we can reduce the stigma and better treat mental patients.

  • A stigma that is present in mental illness causes extra suffering and prevents treatment and support.
  • 1 out of 4 people in the U.S that have been diagnosed with mental illness, the awareness of those has spread.

This article supports our beliefs that if more people were taught about mental illness, women would feel more comfortable admitting their disease and, therefore, recovering from it. Women are currently embarrassed of their disease.

A Solution That Now Looks Crazy

The New York TImes

The position of the article is for us to provide better psychiatric treatment for those suffering from mental illness.

  • It will reduce the risk of suicide.
  • It would also lower the violence that occurs in the community.
  • The focus of our resources should be on the most problematic patients

Better treatment of victims of mental illness would resolve issues in our community and in patients. This change can save lives.

One Mom's Mission Becomes a Movement

CNN Wire

This article pushes for more awareness towards scientific exploration on causes and cures of mental illness. Anything should be done to help other moms so that they are not alone.

  • "Climb out of the darkness," a nonprofit event raised $40,000 towards the cause of mental illness.
  • More needs to be done for education and help towards lower income women because they have twice the risk of being diagnosed with postpartum depression.
  • Women with the illness are still getting treated horribly and are not receiving the right kind of help.

It is easy to spread the word of postpartum depression, donate money towards the cause, or make women feel less alienated. With these easy gestures, we can save women from possibly ruining or ending their lives.


Victims of mental illness are a threat to others?: In most cases, women with mental illness will not ever physically harm themselves or their children.Women who have a mental illness cannot be taken seriously?: The illness has become widely accepted and there are now many treatment options for it. It is hard to tell a doctor you have a mental illness?: Doctors have dealt with mental illness cases before. With the right treatment given by a doctor, victims can revover.