Marshall Bruce Mather III

Eminem (slim shady)

His Dream

To be an American rapper.
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  • The African American audience didn't embrace Eminem
  • Alter ego "slim shady"
  • Drugs/ Alcohol
  • Death
  • His mother
  • Hold on his career


Eminem was raised by his mother (Deborah Mathers) and never knew his father. He spent his childhood going between Missouri, Michigan and finally in his teen years settled in Detroit. At age 14 he started rapping with a high school friend. He had to move schools 2-3 times a year so it was hard for him to make friends, and he was bullied so he mostly kept to himself.

Over coming obstacles

Eminem skills gained him a good reputation, and he was recruited to join several rap groups. He performed at the Grammys, a duet with Elton John, the song helped Eminem to cross over to a middlebrow audience. He became know as one of the best rap artist.
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By 2000 Eminem was one of the biggest stars in pop music. His albums sold by truckload, selling almost 2 million copies within the first two weeks of release. In 2001 Eminem stared in the movie 8 Mile, the gritty drama fictionalized his life. It earned considerable praise, culminating in one of his biggest hits with the theme "Lose yourself" which one him an Oscar.