Weekly Update

April 27, 2020


At Oak Grove High School, we are committed to engaging our students through our normal material as much as possible. We will use this page to communicate with parents what students should be engaged with during this closure. None of this work will be graded, some teachers might provide feedback to the students. This work is just to keep students engaged with their learning.

With virtual learning, the students will have to take responsibility for their learning. Please communicate and support your student's work. Express to them how important it is to stay diligent with their learning. Also, please be in communication with your teacher for additional materials or help with any material. Most of our teachers are able to be reached at the email address provided.

Some teachers have compiled resources for those that might not have access to the internet. Also, you can have additional material printed and pick-up at Oak Grove High School by reaching out to your teacher or me at jwarner@wcpsb.com.

Weekly Thoughts from the Principal

Transactional Thinking is in a way that says "What Can I Get?" while Relational Thinking is more about "What Can I Give?" - Focus on the relationship. Love. Serve. Care.

- Jon Gordon | @jongordon11

I think that this statement is more important now that ever. Always think of ways that you can provide servant leadership.

Keep Clawing Forward OGHS!

Packet Pick-up on May 7th

For Grades 6-8, we will be having a packet pick-up day on May 7th. These packets will be the same as what is given on google classroom, so if you have internet access there is no need to come to get a packet. Also using the link below we can mail you a packet instead of having to come to the school to pick it up.

There are Filing Cabinets located outside of the bus ramp. Drive up and park in Bus Ramp. Open the cabinet for the grade level that you need and grab one folder. Then go back to your car. Please be mindful of social distancing.


Remember you only need to get these if you do not have access to the internet. Google Classroom is still a great resource to use for those that do have internet.

High School we will only be printing packets by request. If you need printed material sent to your student please request it using the link below.


Follow our OGHS PTO Facebook page for a way to enter your student into a give away for doing their Suggested Work posted on our variety of resources. Use the #OGHSclawingforward to be entered into their give away. This work is not mandatory, but we can incentivize it to get students working on their education.

We at OGHS appreciates the PTO. They are always creative and willing to tackle the task. Please join our PTO and find out how you can help students at OGHS!

User Guides

All Work is Voluntary and Will Not Be Graded!

Coach Warner's ACT Prep

Any student can add this course. I will post a Powerpoint and have exit tickets. I will also give any additional ACT tips and tricks.

Google Classroom Course Code: z4jbiez

Email Address: jwarner@wcpsb.com

Office Hours: Anytime via Email

**Instructions for TruScore MasteryPrep ACT is located on the Classroom Feed**

Join Coach Warner's ACT Prep for TruScore Online! 2 Free Practice ACT Test

Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Duff Email Address- brookeduff@wcpsb.com

Current Dual Enrollment Students:

The ULM date for dropping a class with a "W" (tuition still owed) has been extended to Friday, May 1, 2020.

That means DE Contacts can submit DE Withdrawal Request forms for Spring 2020 and Full-Year 2019-2020 DE courses through Thursday, April 30, 2020 @ NOON.

All electronically submitted Withdrawal Request forms must be accompanied by an email from the DE student's ULM email address specifically stating the desire to withdraw from the course with a brief statement including the reason (so we can keep data on the impact of Covid-19 and student lack of access to internet/wifi services).

I'm so thankful to share truly helpful news with you.

Students wanting to enroll in Dual Enrollment for Fall 2020

A little more good news to share...

The $20 application fee will be waived through May 1, 2020.

Below is what we received showing that the application fee status will show as 'waived' for anyone who completes the online application to ULM through May 1, 2020.

The Admissions Applications fees for all admissions applications are now set to $0.00 through May 1, 2020, per Dr. Bruno’s directive. When an application is submitted, it will bypass the Payment Summary/TouchNet screen completely.

On the applicant’s Supplemental Items, the Application Fee status will be shown as “Waived” with a description of “Your Application fee is waived per ULM's Spring 2020 promotion.”

Please take good care of yourself,

Class of 2020!

In the link provided is a FAQ page that the state has released for Guidance for Seniors. Nothing from a District standpoint has been decided. As we have meetings and items are made official, I will be sure to let you know. You can use this document provided to answer any lingering questions.

If you have received any scholarship offers please send me a list of the college(s) and the amount offered. Please also note which college you are planning to attend.


Thanks guys,

Love and Miss you,

Mrs. Molly

High School

Coach Johnson Chemistry & Biology

Email Address: leejohnson@wcpsb.com

I have updated Google classroom for chemistry.

I have also assigned grade remediation for Chem 2 (non-DE) in google classroom and emailed to those that requested.

I am also adding to DE Chemistry daily assignments/ quizzes.

This is all for the newsletter update. Sorry it's 22 minutes late. Still wrestling with technology from time to time.

Have a great day!!!!

Mrs. Simmons

Email Address: bsimmons@wcpsb.com

A-New assignments for Algebra on Khan

-Assignment for Biology posted in Google Classroom

Coach Davis

Email Address: tonydavis@wcpsb.com

Civics- Log into ICivics and begin The Game Odyssey, (icivics.org/game-odyssey.) We will begin playing this game which consists of 3 different levels so it will take 3 weeks to play. Begin with level 1 , download the Game Odyssey map, take photos of your game certificates. At the end of the 3 weeks , the winner with the most points and most badges will win a to be determined prize. Those of you that have been participating , I see you and appreciate you, keep it up! I am proud of you. Stay strong , stay safe and hope to see you all soon. If you wish or need to contact me please do so at the email below.

Tony Davis


Mrs. Mote

Email Address: kandacemote@wcpsb.com

Mrs. Mote’s Google Classroom Codes

English I 1st period - 2afsj4s

English I 2nd period - hdk534

English IV 3rd period - e7mgeqk

English I 5th period - td2g99

English I 6th period - sfcf2n

English I 7th period - dwwln6w

All classes have assignments on Google Classroom.

  1. Join Mrs. Mote's REMIND class by texting @346a93a to 81010 OR follow this link: https://www.remind.com/join/346a93. Download Remind App on your phone or access it on your computer @ remind.com
  2. Please refer to Google Classroom for Mrs. Mote's assignments.
  3. Continue to READ!!

Mrs. Cox

Email Address: debracox@wcpsb.com

Students should check GC for assignments

Algebra 2 - fwb6fin

Adv. Math - tptuvmx

Sr. BETA Club - akikbbg

*Don’t worry about the assignment deadline date. They are just a suggestion. You may work on past due assignments.*

Advanced Math -

For this week, I have posted two worksheets on Google Classroom, WS #7 and WS #8. I have also posted the answers. Keep working on those math skills in preparation for college!! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

There are still assignments on Khan Academy, if you'd rather keep working on them.

Those who have been working consistently on Khan, "Great Job!"

Algebra 2 -

For this week, I have posted two worksheets on Google Classroom, WS #6 and WS #7. I have also posted the answers. Keep working on those math skills in order to be prepared for next year! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

There are still assignments on Khan Academy, if you'd rather keep working on them.

Those who have been working consistently on Khan, "Great Job!"

OGHS Senior BETA Club:

Seniors 2020 Only :

We are going to have a virtual “Passing of the PAW!” If you have already sent me your speech, you can just read it and video yourself. If you have not sent me anything yet, please record a word of advice to the 8th grade students. This should be a video of you saying it. Please check your background before recording! Say your name first! Speak clearly. Then send it to me. You can attach it to question posted in Google Classroom by clicking the “add” button where you respond. Or send it to my email. or Send it to Megan Donnahue. This will be shown on the OGHS website. Be aware that parents will also view this. This is a mandatory project. Deadline is May 8!

Juniors and Seniors:

Check Google Classroom later this week for details on voting for the 2 BETA Club Scholarships we give each year. Only Juniors and Seniors vote on the Scholarships.

I hope everyone is doing well!!! See you soon!!

Thank you!

Class Code: akikbbg

Mrs. Harper

Many students haven't joined their new classes on Google Classroom. To join their new class, students should click on this link: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h and then choose the "+" sign and "join a class".

Sophomore Book Club- New class code for all English II students: vjhm63a

Junior Book Club- New class code for all English III students: ihzc7xa

Many students have joined the class but haven't completed any work yet or participated. Please check with them on this.

*FIRSTLY, YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. To those just joining this Book Club or those who haven't started yet, it's never too late to begin. Try completing 1-2 assignments each week to catch up. Work at your own pace. I'll give you feedback as you turn things in to me, and as always, please email me or comment if you have any questions!*


STEP 1: Complete “Progress Update” column of “Goal Setting” document in relation to GOAL 3 you set when completing Assignment 6.

STEP 2: Continue reading your book and working towards your 3rd goal!

STEP 3: WRITE your fifth weekly letter and REPLY (by commenting) if you receive a letter this week.

STEP 4: Complete Challenge 4. You will find this challenge (“Favorite Reading Spot”) and further instruction on the Stream.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Lara Beth Harper

Mrs. Johnson

Email Address: stephjohnson@wcpsb.com

Algebra I and Math Essentials: KHAN academy, both classes are under Algebra I title. Please tell my students on the newsletter to look at the date assigned. It should have an assignment date of March 22, 2020. These are the assignments I want to be completed first.

If you finish these, then they can work on the previously assigned materials. I will add new work every week.

Geometry: Same as above.

Coach Lewis

Email Address: brianlewis@wcpsb.com

Week 3:

World Geography: Using your choice of Websites, Seterra or Lizard Point, create your own practice quizzes for Asia, Oceana, Australia, and Antarctica. Include surrounding large land masses and major bodies of water.

World History- Work on your Research Paper and email it to me when you are complete. You also need to be working on your presentation. **If you do not remember your topic, email me.

Be safe and keep working. See ya Coach Lewis

Coach Randy Orr

Email Address: randyorr@wcpsb.com

My Geometry needs to join my Khan Academy class with this class code, 684F9S6A. I have some assignments ready to assign. After they enroll in the class I will assign the assignments for them to get started on. If you have any further questions please let me know.

Mrs. Mathews

Email Address: hannahmathews@wcpsb.com



Account ID: oakgrove123

Username: First and Last Name all lowercase with no space

If they need passwords they can email me.

BCA, Business Math, and Technical Writing can all utilize the test prep at www.workkeyscurriculum.act.org

Usernames are the student's email.

Coach Allen

Email Address: richieallen@wcpsb.com

Mrs. Henderson

Email Address: mhenderson@wcpsb.com

Students and Parents,

Foods and Nutrition students will have a new assignment posted in their Google Classroom to complete their work for me.

We are taking this class to the next level….application! Use those skills we have talked about all year and get in the kitchen

Come on guys, I challenge you….get cooking! More and more of you are spending time in the kitchen and I am proud of you. Now, are any of you planting a garden? Show us your pictures. Here is the lettuce and radishes I grew in my garden.

Quest for Success students check your Google Classroom for an assignment. Love & Miss you guys, Mrs. Molly

Mr. McDonald

Email Address: rmcdonald@wcpsb.com

Mrs. Lombardi

Email address: jlombardi@wcpsb.com

Mrs. Lombardi is checking Edgenuity once a day to unlock. Please email if you have any issues or need passwords/test unlocked.

Make sure that you are at least 60% complete for the 3rd Nine Weeks. Email Mrs. Lombardi to make sure that you complete the required amount.

8th Grade

Mrs. Clement

Email Address: sclement@wcpsb.com

The assignment is posted on Google Classroom.


Handwritten Journal



Hey Kids! Still missing you all very much!

I am going to attempt to get back on track with the Holocaust. There are too many (millions of) significant people and events from the Holocaust to just drop it and leave it alone. So this week you will learn about Elie Wiesel! He is one of my favorite people to teach you about. Here we go!

Check Google Classroom for Worksheet and Readings.

Mrs. Lingo

Email Address: nickylingo@wcpsb.com

Packets available at the school. Work is being added to Khan Academy.

Mr. Wilhite

Email Address: wwilhite@wcpsb.com

I've uploaded assignments on both my discovery education and google classroom. All the assignments are about the immune system, viruses, and the history of global pandemics. Students should be able to sign into discovery with their google email. If for whatever reason you cannot get onto my google classroom the class code is: gg2ct2

If there is anything that I can do to help you please let me know.

7th Grade

Mrs. Stephens

Email Address: hstephens@wcpsb.com

Hey 7th Graders!!

I hope that you are well and staying busy! I have posted new Khan Academy assignments and new Edulastic for the week. Feel free to email me with any questions, and have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Heidi

Mrs. Hurley

Email Address: tarahurley@wcpsb.com

Hey, there, my fabulous 7th graders!!

Well, we are unbelievably in week 4 of this quarantine, and I know you, like me, are still trying to make sense of what’s going on. I am missing you all tremendously and can’t believe we aren’t seeing each other every day. I do hope that each of you is taking advantage of some good time at home with your families. I have realized through this stay-at-home order that it is possible (and also reassuring) to slow life down a bit and enjoy things we take for granted on a daily basis.

As far as staying up on your school work, I encourage you to keep at it! I have been impressed with the ones of you who have engaged in some of the activities I put on Google Classroom a couple weeks ago. It takes discipline to know what needs to be done and actually following through with it. Kudos to you smart kiddos!!

For those of you who are just now “logging in” and seeing what activities are available and ready to be conquered, I encourage you to get started! Don’t overwhelm yourself with what’s to be done; just take it in small chunks little by little each day. Get a schedule laid out, and try to stick to it. You’ll be proud of yourself in the end for what you’ve accomplished through discipline!

In case you’ve forgotten our Classroom codes: Block A >> kazvo2q

Block B >> rtxpl49

Block C >> owkkxqy

Week 1-2-3 Assignments: These were posted March 20 and include the following:

  1. Mid-Year Pearson Test - all m/c questions just to check up on our reading comprehension skills to make sure we haven’t lost them :)

  2. Khan Academy Grammar Unit - this is focused on mastering the 8 parts of speech, punctuation, syntax (such as sentence structure, clauses, and conventions), and usage. It is lengthy, but a really good unit on grammar. Y’all all know how Mrs. Hurley feels about grammar! :)

  3. 7th Grade Packet - this is a PDF and each of you should have gotten your own digital copy. The best way to complete this is by printing a copy of the packet if you have access to a printer. If you need one mailed to you, Principal Warner will be glad to mail you a copy from the school.

There are a few pages of math at the beginning that I just left in case y’all wanted to tackle that also.

Also, you could also recreate a copy on paper yourself. Or you could at least just answer the questions on paper.

Week 4 Assignments:

  1. 30-Day Journal Writing - I have created an assignment through Google Classroom that will link you to the NewsELA site. This is a prompt a day for 30 days in which you will respond.

You may choose to complete in a Google Doc or handwritten (which I personally think is more meaningful).

I challenge each of you to get to work TODAY on this one. It can be a great tool to stay connected to your

Learning, and it is something other than normal assignments I have posted above.

Go outside and sit under a tree to do this one. It’ll be more fun and less like you’re doing “school work” that way!

  1. Continue working on the assignments from Weeks 1-2-3 until you’ve completed them.

I really do miss you guys. I miss our class time together. I hope and pray each of you is staying safe and doing your part to help all of us get past this challenging time. I love y’all and hope to see you soon!

4/20 - 5/7/20 Update:

I have posted a question for you to respond to, and would love to hear from you!

A set of reading skills practice has been posted to GClassroom as well.

Again, take the Mid-Year Reading Comprehension Test I posted if you haven’t already.

Email me with any questions you may have.

Miss and love y’all!!

Mrs. Hurley :)

Coach Clay Lewis

Email Address: claylewis@wcpsb.com

Mr Warner:

Assignments for the Week of May 4 - 8. Hope all is well and May the 4th be with you! All assignments are in the classwork tab.

Monday: Law of Conservation of Mass.

Tuesday: Reproduction

Wednesday: Reproduction (continued)

Thursday: Respiration

Friday: Respiration (continued)

6th Grade

6th Grade Lesson Plans

Our 6th Grade Teachers have created a guide for you during your home learning.

Mrs. Wyly

Email Address: beckydugan@wcpsb.com

Check Google Classroom for assignments.

If you have forgotten how to sign-in please contact me.

Mrs Williams

Email Address: ewilliams@wcpsb.com

6th grade Mrs. Williams Google Classroom Science Class code is sp2ook4

Read and Learn about Natural Resources on Discovery Education. Students can access it

through google classroom or Discovery education. They just need to login with google.

Mrs. Williams Google classroom Social Studies. Class code vh3urveM6th

Mrs. Philley and Mrs. Williams is combining Ela and Social studies by using the DBQ

Why Did Christianity Take Hold in the Ancient World?

We are using the DBQ online to help you with both. Take time to read, answer questions and

work on your writing . Then write your essay. We are sending a paper copy home through the

school but if you prefer online you can use this on google classroom .

If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you make comments be respectful and kind . We miss you greatly and hope to see you soon. This is not for a grade but it will help you in many ways. Take time each day to read and do math. These are important for your education.

Also you can finish the DBQ How Great was Alexander the Great? That we started before

spring break.

We love you! Go Tigers!

Mrs. Philley

Email Address: kamiphilley@wcpsb.com

I am still missing all you guys! I posted, on google class, a two week unit that I think you will find very interesting. I also posted a lesson plan to help you stay on track.

Keep up the good work and finish strong!

Mrs. Philley

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Career Exploration and Individual Graduation Plan