Vending Machine Technical Issues

By: Chike Esedebe

What is the Problem?

The functionality of our vending machines are the problem. There have been several cases of vending machine failures which is just disappointing. Our school needs to be sure their stuff works before it eats our money.

What Should we Change?

We need to have some way of making sure that the machines are working before some poor student goes running up to the administration office saying that they got cheated out of a dollar.

How Should we change it?

Our school needs to take more pride in their vending machines or we can just spend our money somewhere else. They need to get regular checkups by professionals on their machines to make sure they are working. They should also make sure the change button is working. It's also really annoying seeing those little 'out of order' notes all the time.

How will this help?

By getting professional help we can ensure that we won't get ripped off as much as we do now. Nobody deserves to have that happen to them. Our school can't keep assuming that everything's fine because those accidents happen a lot. And if it continues to happen, then we will stop buying from them and the extra money that our school wants to make off of those won't get made.

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