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August 2020 Edition


Hello GW families!!

Finally we are nearing the beginning of our school year! This year will be historic with the various changes and new safety protocols due to the pandemic. Our staff is looking forward to returning to learn with your student(s)! Along with learning, everyone's safety and health will be our priority. To stop the spread of germs, the best thing we can do is have clean hands, cover our coughs/sneezes, and socially distance appropriately.

Hand sanitizing stations will be installed in every classroom, building entrance, and common areas. Each classroom has a sink for hand washing also. Our school board has approved the wearing of face coverings on school property when social distancing guidelines are not met or in uncontrolled areas. So, what does that mean for your GW student? While in class, which is a more controlled area and where social distancing can occur, coverings do not have to be worn all the time. If the student were to leave the classroom and enter an uncontrolled area, such as the hallway or playground, they would need to wear a face covering. We understand some students may have medical reasons they can not wear a face covering. Therefore we ask that medical documentation be on file for that student.

In order to properly social distance, our students will be staying in one classroom throughout the day with the same staff members and other students. Our specials teachers will be coming into each classroom for their Art, PE, and Music lessons. The students will be learning how to electronically check out books from our library and those books will be delivered to their classrooms. When books are checked back in, they will have a 72 hour "quarantine" before entering circulation once more. Student breakfast and lunches will be eaten in the classrooms and every individual classroom will have an afternoon recess.

Students are expected to wash/sanitize their hands several times during the day especially before/after lunch and recess.

What if your student gets sick? Our medical clerk will be taking care of only sick or injured children this year. There will be band-aids available in each classroom for minor cuts and scrapes. If your child needs daily medication, a cough drop, or something not illness related, they will come to the main office where it will be handled confidentially.

Students will need a water bottle to use throughout the day as public water fountains will be turned off at the building.

As you can see, we have done our best to consider each area of the building and school schedule. I am certain things will be adjusted as the school year begins and if health guidelines change. This will be communicated via social media, email, and phone calls.

Thank you all for your help and patience as we begin this year. More information will be shared in the coming weeks before school begins.

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Tuesday-Friday 8:05-4:05

  • Students will not be allowed on school grounds until 7:50 a.m.
  • All students will enter school property at the 9th street gate.
  • Students must proceed into their classrooms as soon as they arrive.
  • 4th grade students will enter the gym hallway and 5th grade students will enter the 5th grade hallway.
  • Handicap students will enter and exit the building at the main entrance.
  • Bus dismissal will be promptly at 4:05
  • Walking and car pickup students will dismiss after buses leave the school grounds.
  • Walking students will leave out the main entrance.
  • Car line pickup students will dismiss out the 9th street gate and proceed to their vehicles one at a time.
  • More details will follow for car line information.
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On-line Registration

Go to keokukschools.org then click on student registration at the top of the page and follow the directions.

NOTE: It is very important to let us know during registration how your student will be leaving from school either by walking home, riding the school bus, or car pick-up. Thank you!

In-Person Registration

Monday, August 3 from 8:00-5:00 in the Middle School gym
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There is still time to finish the summer reading challenge!! Read 1500 minutes...or more than Mrs. Davis...and get invited to attend a BB-Q after school begins along with other prizes!

Right now Mrs. Davis is at 1,243 minutes. KEEP READING KIDS!

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Aug. 3..........Registration

Aug. 25........First Day of School

Aug. 25-Sept. 18....Beginning of year Assessments

Sept. 1.........School Pictures (look for information after school begins)

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