9/11 Conspiracy

josh snyder

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Background Info

On September 11th 2001 four plans were hijacked. One plane landed in a field in Pennsylvania. One crashed into the pentagon, and two crashed into the twin towers. It is said that this was an act of terror but others say that it was planned by George W. Bush. Bush needed an excuse to send troops to Iraq and people say that the attacks of September 11th were perfect. Multiple planes hijacked by terrorists and crashed into U.S. monuments sounds like the perfect reason to invade a country right?
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Media Perspective #1

The media portrayed this event in a way that made it seem as if we were going to war with the terrorists. In the beginning there was no one that could've been against anything that had to do with stopping terrorism so all the media was for the invasion of Iraq. Looking at it as a form of vengeance for the tragedy that they caused. It wasn't until a while later when people started to question who was behind the attaches.

Media Perspective #2

People started to notice that it was a pretty peculiar coincidence that right when the presidents approval ratings are down a national tragedy happens and he has a reason to invade a country. George Bush' approval ratings were lower than they had ever been before and invading Iraq was something he had already wanted to do. When people finally put two and two together and started to say that George Bush was the reason for 9/11 the media did not leave them in the dark. Now the big question was that maybe our own president was the cause of this horrifying event.

Media Bias

There are so many things that show and maybe prove that this was no accident. The explosion of the twin towers for example. If you look at the video footage carefully you can see that the buildings explode before that plane impacts the towers completely. There must have been bombs placed in the tower prior to the hijacking of the planes. Another very similar example with the pentagon. If you look at the damaged building after the crash you can see that it doesn't look like a plane crashed into it. It looks like there was an explosion. Another thing to take into consideration would be that the "crash" was in a part of the building that was completely empty. It is said that that part was empty because it was being fumigated. In my opinion that just sounds like a lame excuse. There are many other things that people have noticed that could contribute to the idea of a conspiracy but they aren't as significant as the ones I've stated.

Marxist Criticism

Events like this are a real testament to how powerful the United States government really is. The president may have caused many american citizens to die, caused monuments to be destroyed and rebuilt, and wrongfully invaded a country with no consequences.

Historical Criticism

In the past positions of power have been able to commit horrible crimes against their people and get away with it. They say that history repeats itself and this is a perfect representation of that. To this day there has not been a legit investigation and there probably never will be. History will continue to repeat itself.