Bullying: More Must & Can Be Done


When Ms. Taylor's class brainstormed issues at our school, we discovered that the most common response was bullying. Many of us had experienced some kind of bullying, but had never talked about it. So we decided it was time to talk about it! We researched this issue on the internet and created a questionnaire to find out more about bullying at our school. We sent it to other 4th graders, and, later, Ms. Taylor sent it to the 5th grade. If we are going to do something about this problem, we need to talk about it, learn about it, and teach others about it. We created this newsletter to raise everyone's awareness of this issue and to fight it. SO PASS IT ON TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

The Research Speaks LOUD AND CLEAR!

  • In 2013, a U.S. Department of Education study found that just over 21% of students age 12-18 reported being bullied at school during the school year. (24% of girls and 20% of boys)
  • 75% of all students reported that bullying is a problem at our school.
  • 35% of all the students who took our survey say they have been bullied in school.
  • Only 8% of all students said they had acted as a bully at some time.
  • A higher number of girls than boys said they had been bullied before, and more 5th graders than 4th graders had been bullied.
  • Several students said they do not know what our school anti-bullying policies and procedures are.
  • The majority of those who responded said that administrators and teachers should do more to prevent bullying.
If you're a 4th or 5th grader at Woodward Elementary and you haven't taken our survey, click below to take it!


  • Stopbullying.gov says "Be more than a bystander"
  • How to stop bullying on the spot
  • Know the warning signs
  • Start a 'Kids Against Bullying' Pledge
  • Tell teachers that we need to make the policies and the procedures our school has about bullying more known to the whole community. We could make posters about how best to respond to different types of bullying and what to do if you're being bullied.
  • Suggest that teachers create anonymous feedback boxes that students can drop comments and concerns about this issue into.
  • Once a school year or more, our school could have an anti-bullying assembly so everyone can learn about and think about this issue. There's a lot to know and understand when it comes to bullying.
  • Parents and Families: Get Informed! Click HERE and HERE and HERE. Learn about bullying prevention at home and how to tell the school about bullying.

SPREAD THE WORD! Ms. Taylor, Ms. Dorsey, & Mrs. Lim invite parents and guardians to a Family-Teacher Group Conference on Bullying

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 6:30pm

Woodward Elementary

From the teachers: "Come to this meeting to learn about the warning signs of bullying and what you can do to prevent bullying. We look forward to a great discussion and learning experience about this important issue!"