SO informational flyer. Christian Freeman


A way to be safe while cleaning is to not mix cleaning chemicals. Another way is to not walk on the floor you just mopped. The last way is when walking backwards check for other items that can make you fall.

Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is used so workers and other people can see what has been cleaned and what needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning Products

One of the products we use is sanitizing spray. Another one is window cleaner. And last we use floor cleaner.
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The three brooms we use are the push broom, lobby broom, and angle broom. The push broom is used to get big areas and hallways. The lobby broom is used to clean up small dirt piles and garbage. The angle broom is used to clean small areas like corners and around furniture.


The two types of mops are wet mop and dust mop. The wet mop is used for cleaning floors with water and floor cleaner. The dust mop is used for cleaning dust with one single movement.

Clean Windows

One of the ways to clean windows is with window cleaner and a yellow rag. Another way is to use a squeegee with water and a tshirt rag.


In the hospital we disinfect the chairs, bed, and night stand.

Bed Changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is to keep the bed clean and germ free for patients and visitors.

4 techniques to sanitary bed changing: One technique is to wash your hands. Another is to not hold the clean bedding up against your clothing. And way is to roll the bedding into the middle of the bed. Last do not shake the bedding because of flying germs.