Latin Music

History, Significant Artist, Elements, and our favorites

Indigenous Music

Latin music history starts with the cultural encounter that occurred after the arrival of Columbus. However, it is important to remember that the indigenous people of the New World had their own music. For instance, the Maya culture gave great attention to music producing all kinds of percussion and wind instruments.

European Arrival

The europeans influenced the music in a major way by introducing their language by force. Also they imposed their developed traditions and instruments but, soon they were defining the roots of latin american music.

The African Arrival

This is where the well known rhythm comes from. When the african slaves arrived to south america they brought with them their rhythms which makes latin american music so danceable and rhymth filled.

Significant Artist

Elements of Latin Music

- Use of south american languages

- Spaniard form of song composition

- African Rhythms

- European Harmony

- Very differenciated genres

- Danceable Rhythm

- Uses drums and guitar

Types of latin music

- Bachata

- Ballads

- Cumbia

- Merengue

- Salsa

- Samba

- Tango

- Vallenato

- Bolero

- Calipso

- Cha Cha Cha

- Guaracha

- Habanera

- Pachanga

- Son

- Timba

Where is this genre heard world wide?

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Mention 5 artists/bands that have been nominated or won any music award from the last 10 years

Who are your favorite 5 top artists from this type of music? And why do you like them?