Getting to the heART of the matter!


I want everyone to have a glimpse into my art courses. Look around, enjoy the artwork, and HAVE FUN!

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This class is your classic art 101. We cover all the basics in a fun and interesting way! The goal is to give students an understanding of how to create art, how it relates to us, and to the world around us.
We are working on positive and negative space by painting the negative spaces of observed objects. In this case chairs and plants are placed throughout the room for students to draw and paint from observation.


This class is for students who maybe found their niche. This class broadens students knowledge of art, hones in on technical skills, and introduces many new processes. Students learn a lot more about content and how art relates to them socially and emotionally.
We have been working on fold outs that through text and visual imagery illustrate the principles and elements of design. The principles and elements of design are the founding blocks of how we compose and create artwork.


This is an upper level course. This class explores the many possibilities with dry media. The students are putting their observational drawing skills to work. This class pushes students to be able replicate the world around them through drawing.
We are working on a study of fabric and folds. We are looking at how things are naturally arranged to create light and dark contrast (ex. drapes, clothes on the floor, unmade bed, etc.).