Peer To Peer Coaching for Teachers


Peer To Peer Coaching To Lead A Revolution In The Classroom

Author, Jean Ramsey, a 30 year veteran teacher, and Head of Department, reveals that coaching is the key to developing good practice in all aspects of teaching and learning.

Speaking at the launch of Coaching Conversations for Teachers, a new toolkit for teachers, Jean said, "Coaching is about enhancing personal effectiveness and helping people achieve their goals. Using a coaching model, teachers can learn to recognise their strengths and harness them to focus on areas where they are being less successful.

Coaching Conversations for Teachers has been developed using tried and tested coaching models. Classroom Management is the first subject covered and looks specifically at Discipline, Organisation, Tactics and Respect.

It contains 48 coaching questions, and is supported by a facilitator’s handbook containing insightful tips and constructive case studies to enable teachers to engage in powerful, productive coaching conversations.

Stella Odusola, Head of Department and Teacher of KS3-5, Langley Park School for Girls

This head of department is keen to explore how coaching can benefit professional development. Mrs Odusola said, "I found these coaching cards to be an ideal resource for new and experienced teachers alike. They encouraged me to reflect on my current behaviour management tactics, and how they might be fine tuned for less disruptive and more effective teaching and learning."

Coaching Conversations for Teachers

Joula's mission is to publish tools that will effectively impact teaching and learning using a coaching framework.