100+ Golden Teaching Techniques


Advanced Skills Teaching Workshops

The Advanced English Teaching Skills workshops are designed for all teachers of English who want to rapidly increase the quantity and quality of their students’ English.

Each workshop clarifies an aspect of English teaching theory, then moves to practical techniques and strategies that will greatly help participants increase the amount of English student talking time in their own classes. These are not ‘chalk and talk’ workshops. They are hands-on. Participants are expected to be ready to interact in English and learn by ‘doing’ rather than by ‘listening’. Each workshop will include take-aways that participants can use immediately in their own classes including photocopies of games, activities, error correction forms, mp3 songs and recordings and mp4 videos, and links to free online teaching resources.

Course Program

What are some of the most useful techniques we need to bear in mind when we’re teaching?

This workshop takes us from common-sense principles like "learning is more important than teaching" to advanced golden rules such as "teach grammar as an analytic, receptive skill too".

Advanced English teaching skills include:

· Rules to remember about language and language learning;

· Ways to manage your classroom for more efficient learning;

· Principles for teaching vocabulary and grammar;

· Rules for using pedagogic and authentic texts;

· Techniques for evaluation of student learning.

Take-aways include workshop handouts and activities that focus on specific items of grammar and vocabulary that you can use immediately in your classes.

Workshop on Friday

Friday, Feb. 26th, 4-6pm

Largo Madonna Alta, n. 6 presso la sede del BRITISH INSTITUTES Belt Learning Centre

Siamo a pochi metri dall'incrocio in prossimità del Centro direzionale Unicredit, al primo piano del palazzo di fronte all'Ufficio Postale di Madonna Alta.