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Many Blessings For A Joyful Christmas & A Happy New Year!

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2021 Dance Concert Update

We are so thankful that the vision of this year's Dance Concert is coming in to focus more - little by little! As someone who starts planning for the Dance Concert well over a year in advance, it is an exercise in patience, trust, and listening to God's voice (perfectly appropriate this year!).

I am excited for the challenge of helping to provide a fun & fulfilling performance experience for the students & audience, while helping to decrease the number of participants and spectators for safety.


(Please note that these things could change. We will keep you updated each month!)

- We are planning for (6) 1 hour shows, with ages 3 through Junior level classes each performing in one show, and the Teen/Adult classes each performing in two shows.
- We have begun selecting music, and students will begin learning choreography in the new year.

- Dress Rehearsals will be the week before the performances at the studio during regular class times.

- We are still aiming for the 2nd week/end in June for performances. This will depend on the venue that is available and chosen.


- Costume Information is still to come. Stay tuned...

- Photo Information to come.

- Once we have a venue booked, we can make specific plans for dates/times, wardrobe mistresses, details on how many family members/friends can be in the audience, etc.

Thank you for choosing MKS this year and allowing us the opportunity to share God's love, compassion & grace through dance!


This month Watch Week for Studio C - December 1-14.

Next month Watch Week for Studio A - January 2-15

Please have only 1-2 Family members come & please only come 1 week. All Parents/Guardians in the lobby must be wearing a face covering.

Click here for Watch Week details & dates -


Dance Concert Costume Measuring - Nov 30 - Dec 5

December 21-January 1: Christmas Break

February 16 - Last day to enroll for MKS 2020-21 Classes

March 1 - Summer enrollment opens for 2021 Summer Session

March 30 - April 5 - Easter Break


Please share MKS with family and friends who are looking for a great way to build strength & character!

Here is a virtual tour for them to check us out -

Pilates Sequence for Re-Centering In Stressful Times

Pilates is about centering, literally and figuratively — building core strength and finding one’s metaphorical center, one’s sense of inner strength and calm. The practice incorporates timing, shape and breath in reaching toward achieving goals in both areas — things that dancers are accustomed to working with and refining. Core strength (which we know goes beyond “washboard abs” — it’s about strength and integration of the muscular structure from the collarbones to the glutes) is essential to strong technique and confident artistry. A key example is finding one’s “center” for clean pirouettes. Dance technique in itself doesn’t get us there, hence the need for “cross-training” (practicing other movement forms for balanced fitness).

On that metaphorical level, dancers need a different kind of “core” strength — the kind of of inner strength that allows one to stay focused and committed through long days, hectic weeks, shifting schedules, side jobs, financial stress, the sometimes difficult journey journey to finding who one is as an artist and a thousand other stressful aspects of artists’ lives. Pilates has a mindful aspect that, similar to yoga, leaves space for practitioners observing how they act and react through learning and practicing the form. It focuses on breath and inner sensation, for example. Honing in on such elements can be profoundly calming, as well as informative.

In a time of social and economic upheaval, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, dancers could use an exercise form that brings that sort of calm. Bonus: it can be done with little equipment and space, with or without music. A thick mat is helpful, yet a soft carpet can also do the trick. The following Pilates sequence offers a centered calm and strength, as well as helping to build literal core strength, adaptable to various kinds of space and time. We hope that you enjoy it. Keep calm and practice on, keep moving and creating!

To read the full article by Dance Informa:

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