Consumer Rights

Consumer have rights

Interdiction to bill

Did you know that there's a bill made for you.Presadent Kennnedy passed a bill. He wanted consumers to know about what they are buying. The Bill was clalled Consumer Bill of rights.

The Year

Presadent Kennnedy passed the bill in 1962 the bill passed. Now thanks to Kennnedy consumers have better knowlage of products they buy.

How does the bill help us

  1. The bill has eight rights.
  2. The right: right to safety, right to have good relleable products
  3. The right: right to be informed, which means you have right to know recalls on products
  4. Next right: right to choose, means you can choose the brand you buy
  5. Right to be heard: you can call and complain about a product
  6. right to satisfaction of basic needs:means right to have what we have like actcess to clean water
  7. The right to redress: right to call and complain about bad service
  8. Right to consumer education: understanding rights you have as a consumer
  9. Right to healthy environment:.have good work condition