This Week in Waumba Land

Sunday, October 27th

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"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid...for God goes with you"

Hi Team!

How did it go on Sunday? A BIG thank you to Ashley for jumping right in after a couple of weeks out and leading the meeting. I'm so grateful for your willingness to help. Another BIG thanks to Kris and Deb for hosting a fun Halloween get-together. It was fun to see you outside of church and have some fun time to fellowship.

I had a great time at the Diabetes Walk. It was so fun to rally around my niece and let her know that we are all fighting this battle right beside her. There were some funny moments too. With two little ones in tow, walking 3 miles can get a bit complicated. We took our wagon thinking it would be easy just to pull them along. Noah had a different plan and exclaimed, "Mom, didn't you tell me this was a walk? I want to walk." Touché little buddy! We were so slow getting off the start line that one of the walk officials asked us, "Are you guys actually going to do this"? Isaac on the other hand quite enjoyed the wagon and was definitely along for the ride. He made it his personal challenge to see how many goldfish, bananas and popsicles he could eat over the course of 3 miles. It was a whoot!

This is going to be such a fun week in Waumba. We are concluding October by giving the kids an opportunity to dress up like super-heroes. You are definitely welcome to dress up if you'd like. If you have kiddos, don't forget to bring your super heroes to church with you on Sunday.

This week looks great with ratios in both of our rooms. I show that Bob, Angie & Sharon are the only ones out this week. Am I missing anyone? One of the baby rooms is missing all of their volunteers and we may have to do a little shifting. Thank you for always being so flexible.

I hope the rest of your week is SUPER and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!


Be Encouraged!

Check out sweet little Jackson's testimony--he recently shared it at a Family Birthday Celebration. He is the cutest thing ever! Thank you for planting seeds in little ones each week. You never know when and how those seeds are going to sprout.

Jackson Hornsby

The Scoop

  • 3:45 Meeting - Let's meet in Room 215.
  • Promotions/Childcare - Marlow and Brody will be moving up this week from the baby room. They both go to childcare after the service. Let's remember to use the childcare tags for them. I will likely ask one of you to help me transfer them after the service ends.
  • Postcards - Birthday and New Enroll cards for November will be handed out this week.
  • Hoodies - Last day to order your hoodie is Sunday, October 27th.
  • October Curriculum - Check out the volunteer website
  • Orientation - this Sunday in room 120 at 5:45pm. (This does not apply to any of you)
  • NPCC Blog - Ever wonder what's happening around our church? Check out the new NPCC Blog.

Pray Together

This week please be praying for:

Ashley - Continued prayers for Ashley and her family as they move forward without a loved one. Specifically be praying for Karen and Mariah (Rick's wife and daughter)

Lindsey - Ben and I are apprenticing in a Thrive (married group). Next week we have been asked to lead. I'm nervous and just ask that you would pray that we would look to God for the right things to say.

How can we be praying for you?

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Need to get in touch with me?

Lindsey Thorpe