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Week of March 26, 2018


A middle school that cultivates scholars to be catalysts of change, life-long learners, innovators, and competitors in a global society
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We continue to make great strides toward transformation and our vision of cultivating scholars to be change agents, life-long learners, and innovators.

In the next 2 weeks, some of our students will be taking the STAAR mock test for various subjects and this data will be critical to support us in making plans to address the needs of individual students or groups. Also, on April 10th and April 11th, our 7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to show what they have learned for the past months. Although we will not have the results until a few weeks later, we know that this is the time when we will reap the fruits of our careful, detailed, and arduous preparation of our students. We know that 6th and 7th grade math/reading and 8th grade science/social studies testing is also around the corner; therefore,

  • IMPLEMENT with fidelity the five practices that yield improvement in schools:

    · Laser-like focus on what students need to learn

    · Collaborate on how to teach content, map curriculum and design lessons

    · Use results of classroom formative data to measure student progress

    · Find patterns in data and use them to improve instruction

    · Build relationships so that students trust teachers and teachers trust administrators

  • collaborate with grade level teachers, teachers assistants, and other teachers who support for RTI to ensure we are addressing students’ needs based on STAAR release, Common Assessments, classroom performance, and DOLs.

  • MOTIVATE students - we know that some students are self-motivated, with a natural love of learning; however, many others need your magic. We know that a great teacher can make learning fun and inspire them to reach their full potential. Let's encourage our students, get them involved, offer incentives, be creative, and make connections to real life.

Big picture
As part of transformation, we have talked about excellence from curb to classroom. We are continuously working on our customer service goals and ideas for handling parent concerns. While we are still having parent complains going to the district, I know that the number listed is considerably low as compared to last year; the data from last year was not shared with me. Thank you so much for the support and diligence when working with our parents and students.


  • Ms. Guerra, Ms. Gogia, Ms. Addison, Mr. Willis, and Ms. Herrera for all the support and dedication during the TELPAS online testing. It was a smooth testing environment!!!
  • Ms. Baker, Ms. A. Perez, and Mr. Willis for their dedication and support as they chaperone our students to El Centro college as part of the 7th grade AVID class. Our students continue to be exposed to higher education and are able to see that it is possible for them to go to college.
  • Ms. Stripling, Mr. King, Ms. Molla, Mr. Guillory, Ms. Perez, Ms. Brown, Ms. Rocha, Mr. Patel, Mr. Salcido (visiting teacher), Ms. Carroll, Ms. Vasquez, Ms. Wells, Mr. Ramirez, Ms. Herrera, Ms. McGee, Ms. Vargas, Ms Bickford, Mr. Harris, Ms. Ingram, Ms. Iberosi and Ms. Davis for their dedication, commitment, and support as they attended Saturday School providing small group support as they addressed low TEKS and areas of improvement and/or led students in the UIL academic competition. I know students were engaged and grateful for having your support.
  • Ms. Trent and Ms. Maloy for their commitment as they gave up part of their Saturday to set up for pull out groups.
  • Ms. Buitron, Coach Ford, Mr. Harris, and Ms. Michael as they are leading and supporting our students in the softball and baseball season. Our students continue to learn the game and grow as a team.
  • Mr. Patel for continuing to provide opportunities for our kids to learn from other cultures to provide global awareness. We had several students from SMU who visited his class and other classrooms to share their experiences.
  • Ms. Woods for her leadership and coordination of the Fast Track ACP. I know that our students worked hard and are doing what a few kids have done before ; they are only about 10 weeks away from completing two academic years in one. We look forward to seeing those results. Shout out to Mr. Thornton, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Brown, and Ms. Vargas for their commitment and support as they have been preparing our kids.

Track Team

Under Ms. Rendon's and Coach DeLeon's leadership, our students have done a terrific job. The team has made large gains over the season and we have received several medals. Many of our students will represent us at the city track meet; we are very proud of the work done and look forward to the next race.


Monday, March 26-

  • Open Transfer application is available through March 30. See below for more specific details

  • STAAR Online training continues this week - Ms. Buitron

  • TELPAS reading make-ups in the morning and TELPAS listening and speaking make-ups in the afternoon.

  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 6th Grade SS, 7th Grade Math, Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 7th / 8th Grade RLA. Refer to the Planning Expectations to ensure your IPC and LP have the components to reach proficiency

  • 11:15 - 2:00 - Actionable Data Walk - Visit and collaboration with Ms. Healey.

  • 4:40 - 5:45 LPAC Meeting in the main office conference room. Department Chairs will meet in library. Grade level chairs will meet in room 103. Other teachers will use this time to complete STAAR Test Administrator Training Modules
  • 5:45 - Baseball game - Ms. Michael / Mr. Harris.

Tuesday, March 27-
  • TELPAS reading make-ups in the morning and TELPAS listening and speaking make-ups in the afternoon
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 7th Grade SS, 6th/8th Grade Math, Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 6th Grade RLA.
  • 1:30 - 4:30 Teaching Trust Session at TT office - Ms. Michael/Ms. Lewis
  • 4:30-6:00 Tutoring sessions continue
  • 6:00 - 8:00 Job Fair at Conrad HS - Selected Members

Wednesday, March 28-

  • 9:00 - 10:00 Coffee with the Principal - Location TBD (Library, 117, or 111 depending on small group areas being used)
  • 8th grade and 7th grade PreAP Science Assessment (3 hours)
  • 6th Grade Science Field Trip to the Arboretum - Selected students - Ms. Cooray
  • Planning Meeting with CIC/AP - 8th Grade SS, 7th Grade Math, Science follows schedule communicated by Ms. Guerra, and 7th / 8th Grade RLA.
  • Salad Feast - Staff Luncheon - See Ms. Brown for more details.
  • 4:30-6:00 Tutoring sessions continue

Thursday, March 29-

  • 8th grade Social Studies Assessment (3 hours)
  • 4:30 - 6:00 After School
  • 5:00 Lesson Plans Due
  • 6:00 City Track Meet - Coach DeLeon/Ms. Rendon

Friday, March 30-

  • Inclement Weather - NO School

Saturday, March 31

  • NO Saturday School.

Upcoming Events

Based on feedback received, I am sharing as many dates/events for the month of April as possible to ensure appropriate planning is taking place.

April 2

  • 6th grade math testing

April 3

  • 6th grade RLA testing

April 4 -

  • DISD MS Band Pre-UIL Concert at Ann Richards MS

April 10

  • 8th Grade STAAR Math
  • 7th Grade STAAR Writing
  • 6th Grade STAAR Camp

April 11

  • 8th Grade STAAR Reading
  • 7th Grade PreAP- STAAR Math
  • 6th Grade STAAR Camp

April 12 - April 13

  • 7th Grade Reading CA during class
  • 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies CA during class

April 13

  • Positive Coaching Alliance in collaboration with NDHS - Athletic workshop. Auditorium 2:30-4:25.

April 14

  • Dallas ISD Large Scale Job Fair at Ellis Davis Field House

Week of April 16

  • STAAR Parent Meetings 6th and 7th grade - Grade Level chair will confirm exact time, date, and needs to support a successful parent meeting.

April 19

  • MS Non-Varsity UIL Concert at Cedar Hill HS

April 21

  • Academic Pentathlon - Ms. Brown

April 25

  • Student Experience Survey - Refer to the memo regarding maintaining integrity of these surveys

STAAR Training - Online Modules

Ms. Davis shared the link and information last week regarding this training. The modules are Active Monitoring, Distribution of Test Materials and Proper Handling of Secure Materials. The modules are accessed at http://texasassessment.com/administrators/training/. ALL test administrators must complete all modules; this includes teachers and support staff. Everyone must complete this training because you may be asked to support for small groups or in case of an emergency. Once you have successfully completed a module, you will be given a certificate. Please put you name and date on the certificates, then email them to Ms. Davis or place in her box in the main office. All three (3) certificates must be received (by hand or email) by the end of day Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Open Transfer

The Open Transfer application will be available starting March 5, 2018. Eligible employees must apply via the open transfer application online no later than March 30, 2018. Transfers are not final until an approval email notification has been sent from Human Capital Management. All notification will be completed by April 13, 2018. As a reminder, transfers within the district after the transfer window closes will only be allowed under special circumstances such as promotions or other similar situations; after this deadline, transfers will need the approval of the sending and receiving principals and executive directors. Thank you so much for everyone who completed the Google form with the 2018-2019 plans and being open.

Summer School Teacher Application

We still have a few openings for the Summer Readiness session. It will be 2 weeks M-Th for 5 hours a day at $31/hr for teachers.

Please, see Mr. Cordoba if you have any questions or need clarification about summer sessions.