A small corner of the mountain


Fuenteheridos is a Spanish municipality in the province of Huelva, Andalusia. It has got 625hab with a density of 57,23hab/km².


  • Source of the twelve pipes: Collect groundwater from the port of the Angeles and the Hill of Conejales, in the urban centre. Converted instead of birth of the small river Murtigas it well two million litres of water are used for the irrigation of gardens and supply the town daily.
  • Church of the Holy Spirit: Neoclassical presided over by a slender Tower of the 18th century. The current plant is the architect Pedro de Silva, who rebuilt it after the earthquake of Lisbon.
  • Square of Coso: Is presided over by a marble cross in 1792 from the quarries of Fuenteheridos materials.


  • Procession of the Queen of the Angeles: This pilgrimage has its origin in the 19th century, held every September 8 and taking from this time his Brotherhood of the Queen of the Angeles shrine located in the Peña de Arias Montano.
  • Feast of the Patron: Fuenteheridos pattern is the Holy Spirit. This festivity takes place 7 days prior to the Corpus. A mass is celebrated in it and behind it a procession. The pattern was brought by castellanoleoneses villagers.
  • Feast of the Virgen of the source: Held on 15 August. She is the patron saint of Fuenteheridos and cultural and festive events that usually last 3 or 4 days are organised in his honour. The day of the Patron Saint, the Virgin leaves in procession through the streets of the village and during this Act blessed water from the source.

Contact with city hall of Fuenteheridos

Here you can contact of the city hall of Fuenteheridos and you meet more information about this town.

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BY: Lucia Romero and Celia Maria