ELC May Newsletter

News from the ELC at BMS

Reminder: Sun block

The ELC team would like to remind parents to please support them in the administration of sun block now that the weather has improved. Please speak to your child's teachers about how you can help them to ensure that your child's skin is protected.

Baker Books International School Book Club!

Those of you who have children in Primary school may have already heard, we are offering parents the opportunity to browse and purchase books through the new Baker Books online catalog. By using the following link, parents can place orders of new English books for their children: http://parentpay.bakerbooks.co.uk/clubs/BERGER3

Please add 1. your child's name, and 2. your child's class (in the drop-down menu). Afterwards, enjoy browsing through the range of books on offer! We ask that parents from the ELC please use the online payment option only, as it will limit confusion with cash moving around school.

Books will be delivered to your child's class when they arrive and you will be able to bring them home to enjoy directly from there.

All orders need to be placed by Tuesday, May 19th.

May Holidays

BMS is closed on the following days in May:

May 1st

May 14th and 15th

May 25th

There will be no holiday program running during those times.

Preschoolers Move-up Week

Monday, June 15th, 8:30am to Friday, June 19th, 10:30am

122 Linienstraße

Berlin, Berlin

The preschoolers have already begun some of their move-up activities, but there are more to come throughout the months of May and June! Your child's teachers would be happy to let you know more about the ways in which we help our students to get to know the Primary School before their transition to the 1st grade.

Toilet Renovations Completed!

As some of you may have noticed, our preschool toilet renovations were completed on Thursday afternoon. We hope that you and your children appreciate the updates that have been made to our Tor Straße wing.

riddle of the month:

We're trying out a new game this month, as it is a short month and we want to have some fun and riddles. If you can figure out the answer to the following riddle over the next coming days, please pass along the answer to your child's teachers:

What goes up when rain comes down?