Weekly Newsletter

Ms. Hernandez' Class 11-12-13

Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know about all that I have planned for your child this upcoming week. My class will be learning about Rhyming, and they will be participating in many activities to help them grasp this concept. I have designed a lesson on Rhyming that involves learning through dance, sing along, art, and social interactions. I will introduce Rhyming by reading the popular children’s book by Dr. Seuss called, “The Cat in the Hat.” We will read this book as a group, and learn about the different components of Rhyming. Afterwards, we will listen to an educational song that focuses primarily on Rhyming. My students will dance, sing, and clap along to the song as I check for their understanding of the topic. We will then transition into the drawing portion of the assignment, which will allow the students to express their knowledge of Rhyming through art. Once they are finished with their drawing, they will share their pictures with their classmates. By the end of the week, my students should be able to identify and produce words that rhyme.

Apart from rhyming, we will also be touching on basic academic areas such as Reading, Writing, and Math.

Please note that attendance is important, and it is necessary for your child to be in class everyday to ensure that they are receiving vital information that will contribute to their academic success.

I always encourage parents to keep in constant contact with me by email or phone. I am also open to parent/teacher meetings during my office hours. I will continue to send out weekly newsletters to inform you on our daily activities.

I look forward to hearing from you with questions or concerns about your child.

With warm regards,

Ms. Hernandez