Aztec Artwork

Why is artwork so important to the Aztecs why,who,what.


The Aztecs artwork is impotent to them because it reminds them of the gods they heard in poems. I have realized that they make their artwork not only for the gods but they make their artwork look like the gods. The Aztecs hear poems about the great gods who rule so they made artwork about them .The Aztecs heard about the gods from poems and those poems came from the gods and the poems became artwork . Have you ever been inspired by something/someone that inspired you do make something that dedicated your appreciation? Because that is what the Aztecs did. They wanted to support the gods so they made statues, and drawings.


I learned that Aztec art is a big step in their history. The Aztecs created artwork on their gods. I have seen a Aztec statue. It was made by the Aztecs and it looks like their sun god. So they made another piece of artwork. They made a bunch of art based off of their gods. They want to prove their loyalty.


I learned that the Aztecs made a piece of artwork that was not based off their gods. It is called two headed serpent. The serpent is in a museum in Mexico. This was a work of art made that the Aztecs made on their own. It is a snake with two heads. This I believe is a very special work of art.I think a aztec artist made this because this could be no is one of the Aztecs most valuable pieces of art.


In my opinion Aztec art is a lot more interesting then regular art. Because Aztecs didn't have pencils or pens or paint. Aztec art is special. Many Aztecs like doing art not just because of work but because of the gods but because some of them want to do it for fun. Some Aztecs did it as a activity. So in conclusion Aztec art has a very special history.