Left Brain vs Right Brain

Ricardo Arteaga 1st period


In general, the left and right hemispheres of our brain process information in different ways. While we have a natural tendency towards one way of thinking, the two sides of our brain work together in our everyday lives. The right brain of the brain focuses on the visual, and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture then the details. The focus of the left brain is verbal, processing information in an analytical and sequential way, looking first at the pieces then putting them together to get the whole.

Which side im I??

My average was a 4.8. Which means I im more of a left side person. I'm more logical and less creative. Im good with mathematics and not good with art. I still have some characteristic of a right brain person like daydreaming and rhythm.

Left and Right

The left side of the brain characteristic are logic, math, language, reading and writing. and the right side is personality, creativity, art, intuition and music.