Jackson Journal

February - Time for Parent/Teacher Conferences!

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, February 8, 7:30-8:15 - Family Leadership Team meeting, Room 213

*All parents are welcome to attend this meeting. We will be planning the Spring Fling at our next meeting. Be sure to participate and give input for the event! Breakfast snacks will be provided.

Friday, February 9 - No school, Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Friday, February 23 - Yearbook orders due ($17)

Families can even order on-line! Use the link: www.inter-state.com/yearbook Code: 24113F

Inservice Day - No school - Friday, March 16

Monday-Friday, March 19-23 - Spring Break

Monday, April 2 - Walk of the Warrior event at JSMS (for all upcoming middle school students!)

Tuesday, April 10 - Spring Fling

YMCA anyone??

If you are interested in our on-site YMCA program, please email krlane@k12k.com for more information. This program operates every day until 6:00 pm. Financial assistance is available and child care certificates are accepted.

Counselor's Corner

Why do so many adults, from so many varied walks of life, say the same thing about praise? “It backfires with a lot of kids. Their behavior actually gets worse after receiving it.”

What is “Praise”?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Praise” means, “to express a favorable judgment of: commend.”

Examples from daily life include:

• Super job!

• You are so bright.

• Way to go!

Two Types of Praise


This type comes from sincere excitement over something a child has done. Most of the time, I encourage people to relax and allow this type to happen.


This type is done by good-hearted people for the express purpose of shaping behavior. This type is the most likely to backfire.

An Alternative: Notice and Describe
For the purposes of this brief tip, let’s simply look at an alternative to praise.

Notice and describe the behavior without judging it.


• I noticed that you finished the assignment even though it was challenging.

• You did all of your chores without being reminded. How does that feel?

• I noticed that you kept your cool when those kids were teasing you. What was that like for you?

• I noticed that you spent a lot of time today helping your little brother.

• You completed nine out of ten correctly. I imagine that feels really good.

If praise seems to be making things worse with a child you know, experiment with these ideas. The underlying message sent to the child will be:

I love you unconditionally.
You don’t have to earn my love, and you can’t lose it.
You get to decide how you feel about your accomplishments.