By:Alex Rebaza

History of Chile

The capital of Chile is Santiago. The major 4 cities of chile are Valparaíso,Puente Alto, Antofagagasta, and Viña de mar. Through the 1700-1800 Chile was controlled by the Spanish and in 1817 after 7 years of war they gained their independence in 1817. Official language is Spanish.

Geographical Info

Chile is South of Peru and west of Argentina. 1/3 of Chile is covered by the Andes Mountains, Southern Patagonian ice fields form largest continental ice. Ring of fire are two plates that are close to Chile that cause very large massive earthquakes up to 8.2.

Political and Econimic Information

Chile has a republic government and their leader is Michelle Bachelet she's 64 years old born on September 29th 1951 . Their currency is Chilean Peso, 1 Chilean peso equals 0.0015 in US dollars and their Econimic system is socialism which is a democratic control over the country and production of the country.

Tourist Information

If you want to visit Chile you should go see one of the driest places on earth the Atacama Desert, moai which are large statues in Eastern Chile there are 887 total built up to 30 feet tall, also there's glacier walking in Chile on the Andes Mountains. Chile has some of the best hiking trails in the world also you are able to sit inside inactive volcanoes.
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Flag of Chile History

Chile's flag is a red, white and blue with a white star. The blue square flag represents the sky,the white stripe represents the snow of the Andes mountains, and the red is the blood that was spilled fighting for freedom during 1810-1817.
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