A New Start

The Oregon Trail

Reasons to Travel the Oregon Trail

  • Cheap land
  • Opportunities for your family
  • Farming
  • Great road trip, just ask the Donner's. It was so great they never came back.
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Sights Along the Way

  • Rocky Mountains
  • Native animals
  • "Beautiful" Rivers*
  • Extravagant forests
  • Possibly dead bodies
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Be Sures

  • Pack enough food
  • Don't eat your family
  • Pack enough clothes unless you want to wear your mom as a jacket
  • Don't go by the Donner cabin asking for dinner


May die from rivers, starvation, or by your family. Your children will probably die first and your grandparents after. You will not probably see any good sights except dead people and your granny on a stick over the campfire. We are not responsible for dead family members, kidnappings, theft, or baby brother kabobs. If you are smart you will sign a waiver for wagon protection and child replacement.
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