Ancient Greece

By: Madison Gesswein

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Ancient Music

There are so may things that you probably don't know about Ancient Greece Music. Ancient Greeks loved music they made it an important part of their lives. Greeks thought of music as an way of honoring Gods and making their home a more civilized place, No one knows what Greek music sounded like there were no tapes and their was no way of writing down music.Though nobody knows what kind of music there was we do know what kind of instruments they played,pipes,lyres,drums,cymbals.Although the pipes were made of wooden reeds with holes cut into them for your fingers to play the tune,some pipes were played like a recorder and some were play like a flute.Pipes and drums are more popular now than other the other instruments ,Greeks played music when they were worshiping Dionysus they are the gods of wine and parties.most Greek Gods thought of music as an a great impression of order and patterns.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Their are so many Greek Gods and Goddess and facts about them. temples were made in honor of Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Greeks believed that Gods and Goddesses had power over their lives. Zeus ( god of the sky ) led the Olympian Gods against titans, leader Kronos was Zeus father.all gods can control events and answers and prayers, Ancient Greek Gods are not always sweet and nice kind they can be jealous and cruel people. there are a lot of statues in honor of Gods everywhere in Greece .here are the gods and their powers,Hestia is Zeus sister she is also the Goddesses of the fire side,Hades is Zues brother and ruler of the world of the dead, Hera is Zeus wife and queen of the Gods, Artemise daughter of Zeus and Goddess of the moon,Apollo son of Zeus and Goddess of the sun,poetry,music