Lithium was discovered in the 1800's

It was discovered by Johann August Arfvedson in 1817. But was first isolated by William Thomas Brande and Sir Humphrey Davy in the same year

Periodic Table infomation

Lithium is the third element on the periodic table and the first of the alkali metals. It only has three electrons and protons, with one neutron and a mass of 6.941. Its symbol is Li its atomic number is 3.

Physical and Chemical proteries

  • Chemical

Highly reactive

Low density

  • Physical
Whitish color


A melting point of 180.54°C

How is it used?

It is used in batteries for transfering heat and in alloys.

Where is it found in nature?

As an element it is not found by its self but in rocks this happens because of how reactive it is.


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