Benjamin Franklin

By: Ivan Tucker


Benjamin Franklin was a wise man and created alot of things.First you will learn about Bens childhood. Next you will learn about Ben at his finest times . Finally you will learn about Bens place in history. Benjamin Franklins inventions help our lives.

Benjamin's Childhood

Even tho Ben Franklin was the youngest of 17 kids he was still the smartest. First did you know Ben was born in Jan 17 1706. Ben stopped schooling at 10 years old and helped his dad cut candle wix. Even tho Ben stopped going to school he still schooled him self. He wrote all the time and read to him self. At the age of 12 he became a printer. He wrote news papers and slipped them under the printer shop door. Benjamin Franklin had a bad childhood but he kept on going.

Benjamin at his Finest

Benjamin Franklin made a lot of things even things we still use today.First Ben was a publisher. He published a lot of books. Also he made the first ever Fire department. Benjamin Franklin opened the first ever Public Library for Philadelphia. Another important invention is the poor richards almonack. Finally Benjamin Franklin did an expirement by putting a piece of metal to a kite with a key at the end and it got hit by lightning. Then the key rang like a bell. Some people call it his lightning rod. As you can tell Benjamin Franklin created a lot of things.

Benjamin Franklins Place in History

Yet Benjamin Franklin was born over 300 years ago all of his ideas are still used today. Benjamin Franklin died April 17 1790 at age 84. Ben moved back to Philadelphia with his daughter sarah. Ben was one of the most popular men in history. His most important inventions are the lightning rod, stove and bifocles. they even made a museum about him. Benjamin Franklin died a very popular man.


Ben was a happy man when he died. First you learned about Bens childhood. Next you learned about Benjamin at his finest. Finally you learned about Bens place in history. Benjamin Franklin was one of the mosg important men of all time.


Bifocles : glasses to see far and close

Poor Richards almanac : a book filled with sayings example: a penny saved is a penny earned

Printer : a person who makes news papers


Books: what's the big idea Ben Franklin by: Jean Fritz

Databases: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin by: David Waldstreich

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