Cross-Country Skiing

End of the season is approaching

W.J.H.M.S. P.E. YouTube Channel

View the Cross-Country Skiing video playlist to get a few cues on how to ski. If you do, tell me what you think of the Herringbone technique!

Needed abilities

Positive attitude

Minimum Balance skills

Arms and legs strengths


Minimum Cardiovascular level

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Ski routine

  1. Students need to come to the gymnasium a bit early before class to get ready.
  2. Look up the class list to find out your Ski and Boots kit number.
  3. Find your skis and unclip the boots from the skis and put them on.
  4. Pick any pair of poles (Shoulder height).
  5. Go outside, put the skis on and hold poles with your hands in the straps.
  6. Wait for everyone to be ready so we all leave together.
  7. Ski across the school field and to the road in front of Vocational center.
  8. Take off skis and walk to the sliding hill / ski trails.
  9. Put the skis back on and enjoy the challenges of the day.
  10. We ski the Waswanipi trails as far as we can go )until we have 20 min. left in the class to go back to school.
  11. Put the poles back on the floor together for the next student.
  12. Clip the boots back on the skis for your school mate.
  13. Put the skis back on the rack so our equipment is well taking care of.
  14. Your brain will be ready to go back to class and focus on school! :-)
  15. Have a good week-end!