January 8, 2021


Jan. 11 Board of Education Meeting, 7 pm (Virtual Meeting)

Jan. 18 No School

Jan. 25 WEPA Meeting, 6:30 pm (Virtual Meeting)

Feb. 8 Board of Education Meeting, 7 pm (Virtual Meeting)

Feb. 15 WEPA Meeting, 6:30 (Virtual Meeting)

Feb. 19 & 22 No School

Principal's Corner

Welcome Back!!

We are off to a very busy start here at Steeby. NWEA winter testing has begun. This week your child took the NWEA Reading assessment and next week they will take the NWEA Math assessment. The results of those tests are used to determine what your child needs to be successful in reading and math.

Winter is here and we need to make sure our students are bundled up for their recesses each day. We are still noticing many students not coming to school with coats, hats, gloves, boots, and/or snow pants. Please remind your child the importance of wearing these items outside during recess. If you’re unable to provide your child with these items, please contact the office and we can try to help you get what you need for your child.

Yours in Education,

Christina Johnson

Steeby Elementary Principal

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Physical Education Matters

Happy New Year! We are starting the year off with 2nd grade playing soccer and 3rd grade playing floor hockey. We have been able to get more into the strategy of team sports with smaller groups. We are learning very specific roles/strategies for goalies, defense, and offense.

As we get into winter, more and more students forget their gym shoes and only bring boots. Please try to remember gym shoes on your gym day! Our students lose valuable time changing shoes and missing instruction. With only 25 minutes, we do not want to miss any time if possible.

My outside of school workouts have transitioned to indoor. I use an app called Nike Training Club. Their premium workouts (including yoga) are all free! You can customize the length/difficulty of your workouts, which muscle groups to target, and how much equipment you have to work with (including none). My wife and I recently finished a 6 week High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program and it was a great challenge! We did the entire program without weights and in one room, so you do not need a lot of space to feel the burn! I highly encourage you and your family to stay active if possible, it is a great way to feel happier and stay healthy through the winter! I'm always willing to share more ideas if you would like!

-Mr. Weber

Physical Education Teacher

Adventures in Art

Second graders are working on a fun 3D hot cocoa mug. They are using lines and patterns to design a table cloth with fun wallpaper. They also are designing a cocoa mug that they will form to make it pop out of the paper.

Third graders are skating into 2021! Students are designing their own ice skates and drawing legs to make them look like they are in motion. Students will add color and designs with tempera paint. They are looking all unique and different in their own way.

Sara Spicer

Elementary Art Teacher

A Note About Music

Happy New Year from the music room! In December we focused on Christmas and had fun singing Christmas songs. We also played instruments and boomwhackers with videos to Christmas music.

I'm looking forward to the new year in music with your students!

Jennifer Bailey

Baker & Steeby Elementary

Music Specialist

Media Moments

Happy New Year! Greetings from media class! We are getting into the winter spirit this month. Students are making snowflakes this week in media class and printing them off. Here is the website: The snowflake website can also be found on the Wayland Union Schools media page called Information Place

Most students have added media class to their Google Classroom app. I will continue to add educational activities that students can do at home to the media Google Classroom for their grade level.

Here are the Google Classroom codes.

2nd grade: rvofgnh

3rd grade: bwup6px

Niki Barnes

Media Teacher

Cold Weather Recess

Students will go outside for recess every day unless it is raining or the temperature is below zero. Please keep this plan in mind to be sure your student has the proper gear for recess. Students are not allowed to stay in from recess due to improper outside gear. If you need assistance obtaining the appropriate outside gear for your child, please contact the Steeby Office at 269-792-2281.

A Child's Perspective

This month's question was:

"If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?"

"To fly because I like birds and butterflies." - Abbi, 2nd grade

"To be invisible because I want to sneak out of my house and play with my friends." - Peyton, 2nd grade

"To fly so I could fly around like Superman." - Caleb, 2nd grade

"To fly because I always wanted to fly." - Makayla, 3rd grade

"To have claws so I could claw things really easily, like climbing trees." - Leland, 3rd grade

"To fly because I could fly anywhere, even to the moon or places we haven't discovered." - Jaiden, 3rd grade

Supercat Winners

For Week of 12/7/20

Oliver Ellis; Kaydi Thompson; Gabriella McLain; Trinity Greene; Baylee McMurray; Hayden Jousma; Lyla Lewis; Gabby Guppy; Salinger Simmons; Adriana Coy; Grace Tappenden; Haylee Cowley; Treson Vandermolen; Christian Kopet; Elijah Vandermolen; Abby Smith; Maddox Wenzel; Daniel Bradt; Ava Thompson Classroom Winner: Mrs. Sova's 3rd grade class

For Week of 12/14/20

Madelyn Battenfield; Kendall Prenatt; Isaiah Hudson; Laina Northey; Kadence Kooienga; Harrison Sweet; Hayden Jousma; Austyn Modreske; Lucas Cochran; Dominic Lewis; Adriana Coy; Grace Tappenden; Sam Edwards; Leo Buchinski; Jaxon Tiripan; Karlee Hollebeek; Hailey Hosteter; Aubdrey Ledford Classroom Winner: Mrs. Sova's 3rd grade class

For Week of 1/4/21

Makalynn Cross; Aaron Johnson; Nolan Kopenski; Kaden Meuser; Harrison Sweet; Kayen Smith; Sophia Channells; Bentley Swainston; Evelyn Cunnigan; Tyler Warmbold; Adriana Coy; Max Berens; Paige Nesbit; Mason Jackson; Elaina Thomas; Cayden DeBoer; Hailey Hosteter; Lucas Jasinski Classroom Winner: Miss Purlee's 3rd grade class

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