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Fitness Focus

Need a reason to exercise?

Choose one of these awesome reasons to motivate yourself to get up and get moving:

  • Gain confidence.
  • Extend life expectancy.
  • Become more productive.
  • Raise your quality of life.
  • Be in a better mood.
  • Look and feel better!
  • Become harder to kill in a zombie apocalypse situation.
  • Find more reasons here!


Modern Vegetable Garden

Need another project using pallets?

This modern, space saving verticle vegetable garden could be the perfect weekend project for those extra pallets!

Get the tutorial here!

Money Matters

Bank Fees and How to Avoid Them!

One of the painful fees that banks hit you with is overdraft protection fees. When you initiate a transaction that requires more money than what’s in your account, your bank will may float you a loan to cover it. But you’ll pay dearly for this convenience. The granddaddy of bank fees, overdraft fees cost a median $35 a pop. Here are some ways to avoid these fees:

  • Opt out. You’re not required to participate in any sort of overdraft program. This way, you’ll simply be denied when you try to initiate a point-of-sale or ATM transaction that overdraws your account. Beware that you still may have to pay a nonsufficient funds fee on check transactions or certain recurring transactions such as automatic bill pay. These fees are usually around the same amount as overdraft fees.
  • Choose overdraft transfers. Overdraft transfers let you link a second account, such as savings or a line of credit, to your checking account. Then, the next time you overdraw your account, the bank covers your request with funds from the other account. Generally, the line of credit will be the cheapest option; you’ll typically just pay a one-time annual fee plus interest on the charge. A transfer from a second account may cost roughly $5 to $10 at some banks, but others, such as Ally, offer the service for free.
  • Police your spending more carefully. Ideally, you’ll keep enough of a cushion in your checking account to avoid worrying about overdraft fees, but this might not be realistic for everyone. In that case, make sure you take advantage of customizable account alerts. Practically every major bank will let you receive an alert when your account balance dips below a designated amount. Getting tipped off can save you from a potentially pricey overdraft.


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