Important Updates from EUSD

September 10, 2021

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Updates in this communication include:

  • Modified Quarantine Information
  • Decision Tree Updates

Dear EUSD Staff and Families,

As we complete the fourth week of school, it has been wonderful to see our students settling into their school routines. It is exciting to see our students thriving with regular full day instruction, quarantining options in school to reduce absences and all of the Enrichment and support services that make a well rounded educational program.

Thank you for continued patience and support as we maneuver another challenging year. The guidance continues to change and we are staying abreast of all new requirements. The most recent update changes the length of quarantine for students staying in school in modified quarantine after an in school exposure. Please see the questions and answers below based on inquiries we have received.

How does modified quarantine work?

Families are notified that their student was exposed to an individual at school that tested positive for Covid 19. Parents must select to either quarantine at home or school. In both instances students may not attend daycare, or any other community or extracurricular activities for the duration of quarantine. For at home quarantine, students receive assigned work and/or an independent study packet from their teacher based on the days required.

Students selecting modified at school quarantine, essentially are quarantined from the rest of the school as practicable but continue instruction in class. Students have separate recesses and lunch areas. They are required to mask both indoors and outdoors. They still attend Enrichment and other services are provided where it is possible not to mix with other students.

Students are tested with antigen tests on site if the Primary.Health registration has been completed. They are tested every three days or based on the date of exposure. Students stay in school as long as they continue testing and are asymptomatic. A test must be done after day 6 to release the student from quarantine on day 8. On day 8 with a negative test and fulfillment of all testing dates, all quarantine requirements both in and out of school are removed.

What do I do when my child tests positive for Covid 19?

If your child tests positive for Covid 19, please immediately inform the school and any after school programs/childcare that your child attends. It is critical that families inform all daycares, after school programs and extracurricular activities.

Has the Decision Tree been updated?

Yes, based on the new guidance the COVID-19 K-12 Decision Tree has been updated and can be found here in English and Spanish. This reflects the refined quarantine guidance released by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Please note it explicitly says that at-home testing cannot be used for school quarantine decisions and that tests must be administered by a clinic, lab, or properly trained school employee working under agreement with an ordering physician.

We appreciate the continued feedback we receive. If you would like to share any thoughts or pose questions for future updates, please submit them here.


Andrée Grey


Encinitas Union School District