Elena Aguilar

Transformational Leadership Coach

Why I follow her blog

I started following Elena's blog because I found her offering thoughts and solutions to issues that I believe are prevalent to Education today and easy for me to connect to. Some of these ideas include using a coaching model with teachers as a way of keeping conversations introspective and non-threatening.

She has also blogged about using 21st century skills to foster deeper leaning and reach higher levels of success in students and teachers and how effective this is with ALL learners.

In one of her older blogs, she addressed something that has come up frequently this year in many of our professional conversations and that is how can we change the pitfall of belief statements based off of our school experiences.

Her thoughts on coaching... From edutopia "how coaching can impact teachers, principals and students"

"Coaching creates a relationship in which a client feels cared for and is therefore able to access and implement new knowledge. A coach can foster conditions in which deep reflection and learning can take place, where a teacher can take risks to change her practice, where powerful conversations can take place and where growth is recognized and celebrated." (Edutopia, March 25, 2013)