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Updates from Ms. Ulsher's 4th grade classroom

Welcome to my classroom!

I would like to personally welcome all of my parents and their students to my classroom. I am very excited to have you all with me this year. We are going to have lots of fun learning and using our imaginations. I will be working with your students on their writing, reading, and social studies. We will be exploring different genres as well as styles of writing. They will also learn all about Texas history.

I look forward to meeting you all at the open house.

Open House

Monday, Aug. 31st, 6pm

Fake Elementary School

Creative Notebook Project

We are gearing up for our Creative Notebook project and your student will need some essential materials. Please encourage them to be as creative as possible for the at home portion of the project. More information about this project will be given as we get closer.

Materials Needed!

Reading and Writing Interests

Please have your student fill out this survey for the class. This survey will help me to better understand and create interesting lessons for your students. It will also help me to better suggest wonderful readings and writing topics.

Extra Vocabulary Help

Dear Parents,

I have some wonderful news for you. I have found a great game for your children to practice their vocabulary and context skills. This game is fun and interactive and a great opportunity for individual or parent/child learning. It is called Hawkabulary, and it is located at http://mrnussbaum.com/hawkabulary. In this game, your children will be given a sentence with words to choose from. These words are connected to animals and a hawk will swoop down and pick up if the word fits the sentence. Hawkabulary gives your child a great opportunity to learn new words, practice context skills, as well as practice synonyms and antonyms.

Hawkabulary will help your children to hone their skills as vocabulary masters. Their knowledge will be expanded, so when we do similar activities in class with their weekly vocabulary words they will be able to better understand how to determine the correct answer more easily. Your students have been enjoying this game in class very much. They love to see their own progress on our charts and it is a favored part of their day. I appreciate your help in advancing your child’s knowledge and skills.


Ms. Ulsher