The Hero Of the Centry

by: Salia Kibibi

The Begging

It was a sunny day beneath the gods. They were the most powerful, indestructible, and despicable, especially Hades. He was the most evil, sinning, hated the most. But, no one has seen him for the past years. So, there was a kid named Hercules. He was Zeus’s son. But, he wasn’t able to join the gods. So, Zeus watched him down below. He roams around the forest, thinking, “Why am I different”. Then, he came upon a house in the woods. He knotted, and then came in. when he came in, there was pictures and statues of gods and goddess. He discovered so many things about gods that he was speechless. Anyways, he came upon a really handsome goat named Steve. Turns out, he trained Aqeles. Steve asked “why are you here?” “I’m Hercules, son of Zeus.” The goat was astonished. He found a god, that’s living under the god. I questioned “Why are you living under the gods if you are one?” “I don’t remember” exclaimed Hercules. “Well, we need to get you in shape cause, your kind of on the weak side” said Steve. So, he showed him were to start. “This was where Aqeles trained, now it’s your time to shine, kid.” The training started, and he had a rugged start, but he got even better than before.

The Secret

He became big, muscular and hunky. Now, they had to sell his talent, somehow someone would be in danger, and make Hercules fight them. Well still, he didn’t do so well. And he did manage to defeat the beast and save the She Devil, NIra! (I never liked her) He had to defeated more and more. Blah Blah! Anyways, I finally figured out that Nira was working for the underworld ruler, Hades. Hercules was in love with that chick Nira that he wouldn’t believe me that I said she was working with Hades. And yet, I was feed up with his behavior, and left him.

Hercules childhood

When Hercules got hit in the head because he was trying to fight a beast off. He remembered what happened to him when he was a child! He was originally from the gods. But, Hades minions took him, and tried to make him mortal. They gave him this potion that was in a baby bottle. He was almost finished with the bottle when, two loving parents found him. And that one drop dripped on the ground and evaporated. As soon as the loving parents found Hercules, they scrammed. So, Hades was getting tired of Hercules winning because he was the one who was setting up the monsters to kill Hercules. They made a deal on Nira. If she got hurt, then she was free from Hades. But as always, Hades put a trick on the deal, and it made Hercules mortal.

the End of gods and goddess

Now, Hades was so joyed that he wanted to defeat Zeus once and for all. He brought out the Titans. They were mean, vicious and scary. Anything in there way, they would destroy. They were going toward Olympus; they were going to destroy everything! Hades turned Zeus into a statue. And every god was in chains like they were in prison. On the other hand, Hercules was so dull. Nira was going to tell me what happened. He looked dried out. Hercules was going to save the gods when a bolder was going to hit Hercules. I got there and I saw Nira pushed him out of the way, and she got crushed. Hercules lifted the bolder with all his might, and he regained his powers. He glowed, he shimmered like an angle.

the fight

Nira was dying; Hercules was so furious that he was going to kill Hades. First, he freed the gods from their chains, and his Zeus. And Zeus Put the Titans in their shelter. Then he had to get Nira from the underworld, so Hades followed him. He got there, and he was going to dive in the pool of souls. But, Hades reminded him “if you went in there, you would have 15 seconds, max or your gone with the others.” “I’m going to have to kill you first” said Hercules. They were battling, and Hercules was at the end of the cliff and was about to fall into the pool of souls. He could die right there, he had to save Nira and bring her back. Hercules moved out of the cliff, and Hades disappeared. Hercules was thinking what to do. As soon as he found Nira’s Body in the pool, all he was thinking was “Jump in!” So, he jumped in. He found Nira’s body, grabbed it, and swam up or he was going to die. He had 10 seconds. He was almost to the top. Hades grabs his leg. He fought him out. 3 second left. He kicked his head. And he didn’t make it in time. But something weird happened. He didn’t die. He didn’t get sucked in. So what happened to that miraculous kid? He stood tall and said to Hades “I’m a god; I’m the strongest thing in the universe. You will never defeat me.” Hades was sucked in the pool of souls, and never returned again. Yet.

The Hero of the Centry

Hercules rode his Pegasus to Nira. She barely made it when, as soon as Hercules put her soul in her body, she died. They waited a few seconds to see if she was really gone. She woke up! It was so beautiful. Hercules was so excited. “Thank you Hercules.” said Nira. She went in for a kiss, Hercules was surprised that she kissed him. So, he kissed her back.

Everything went back to normal. Hercules was welcomed into Olympus. Nira couldn’t go because she wasn’t a god. So, he stayed down with her. Once in a while he would visit them. What happened to Steve the goat? Well, when Hercules saved the town, they made him his own palace. And guess who stays in there?