By: Brooke Fernandez Childcare 2 03/04/16

About the teacher

Hello, my name is Brooke Fernandez and I am your child's teacher at Little Tots Daycare center. I've been working in childcare for 3 years and working at Little Tots for 3 months. I specialize in children 2-5 years old and enjoy seeing all of the growth that is possible during these years. I have loved working with your children and I can't wait to continue to help them continue to grow and develop. I don't have kids of my own but I care for your children and their education as if they were my own. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at or my office number 417-345-6768.

Upcoming events

These last few weeks the children have been learning about all kinds of animals around the world. The kids have enjoyed this unit and are extremely excited to see exotic animals up close and personal, at the South Lakes Safari zoo! Over these past few weeks the kids have engaged in many art projects involving animals, focusing on safari zoo animals. We started out learning about all of the different kinds of exotic animals, and after that we began painting, drawing, and sculpting different animals. At first, the kids were hesitant to let their creativity out and create, but once they started they didn't want to stop! We painted stripes on zebras, made long elephant trunks out of clay, and glued colorful feathers onto peacocks. They have used a lot of their fine motor skills in this art unit, especially with the sculpting projects. Not only have they practiced harder fine motor skills, creativity, and overall artistic skills, they've learned so much about animals and gotten way more excited for our upcoming field trip to the Safari, to see these animals in person!

The trip will take place April 15, 2016. We will be leaving at 10 and getting back around 3. Parents are welcome to attend, and we have 6 teachers including myself attending already to be with the children. Sack lunches will be provided, and it might get a little hot and sunny, so dress your child appropriately and put on sunscreen. I will need every child's permission form (sent home in their backpacks last week) by April 5th. We're very excited to see some of the exotic animals we've been learning about in person!

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Additional news

Next week we will be starting a book bag for the children to take home every week. Each week, a child will be picked to take home the book bag. This will include 5 books about something we are learning about that week, and our class teddy bear will also be in the book bag. This is a way to get the children excited about reading! The goal is for you and your child to read one of the books every night, and by Monday, have all of them read and ready for the book bag to go to the next child. Our class teddy bear gets the kids more excited for the book bag project, because they will get to bring him home for the week. During your child's week with the book bag, they will get to sleep with Teddy at nap time as well. If your child finishes every book they will win a prize. Reading is important and magical for a child! If you have any more questions regarding the book bag, feel free to email me. Enjoy your weekend, remember to sign your child's permission slip for the safari, and I will see you Monday!

Sincerely, Ms. Fernandez