A usually warm, mild climate

Major Event : The Cambrian Explosion

The Cambrian explosion was exactly like it sounds, an explosion of invertabres with shells that appear along with the trilobites and mollusks. It was a relatively short happing, only lasting about 542 years, which is short for most major events.

The Dangers, comfort , and what to pack

DANGERS Large animals are the most you will have to worry about, because most of the animals include of ; trilobites, mollusks, and piaka sponges.

COMFORT Bring the essentials ; extra water, blankets, and food. Also consider comfortable walking shoes.

TO PACK For the mild warmth, you might want to pack light clothes, but not thin. Also you might want regular sneakers.


CLIMATE : The climate was generally warm and wet.

ENVIROMENT : Not much ice, and wet, but warm.