Acid and Base Scavenger Hunt

Definitons of Different Solution

Acidic: A solution that has a higher concentration of hydrogen ions in water; pH between 1and 7

Basic: A solution that has a lower concentration of hydroxide ions; a pH between 7 and 14

Neutral: A solution in which the concentration of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions are equal. pH level of 7


1.) Take out materials needed for lab

2.) Place a big piece of paper towel on table to spread out pH strips

3.) once pH strips are placed get solutions

4.) Put one drop of solution on pH strip on each different substance

5.) pH# will be determined on what the color the pH strip changes to, mach up srip with pH scale to identifie pH #

6.) clean eye droper once used everytime you test a different solution

7.) take picture of pH strip and upload to laptop

8.) gather all info and put on project

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