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To evolve is the sole reason for the existence of human race; growth is a unique trait of humanity free of any discrimination. And parading down the centuries mankind has fought for his quest to evolve into a better race. And in such an attempt education has come many folds. From the invention of wheel to printing press to the breakthroughs in science up till the modern channels of communication mankind has progressed multidimensional. I do strongly feel that education should not be identified with only imparting wealth generating skills. Should the sole aim if education be enrichment, primarily in terms of producing more & more wealth? I believe that educationists must aim to create responsible citizens imbued with humanism. Education must intend at liberating the student’s mind, encouraging him to take charge of his thought process, be accountable for his actions and most of all be a reflective critic of certain traditional practices. An integral education will develop each person’s capacity to be fully humane, respecting & accepting fellow members.

Over the years I have developed a unique style of Facilitation in Classroom setting & in out bound trainings. I firmly am of the opinion that real training, teaching, education cannot occur in a threatening environment. This is where Facilitation plays a major role. Armed with techniques like Creative dance movement Facilitators & co-learners create a less threatening, non competitive learning environment, where members suspend judgments & experience joyful learning. The emphasis is on elucidation rather than instruction. The space for equipping our youth with life skills that would allow them to follow their natural instinct.

I am a professional trainer keenly wanting to work towards people orientation. My passion is for training & working for the development of youth. My fervor for youth development is primarily because I myself am a young woman and passionate about youth mental health & emotional wellness Programs.