Sing and Dance!

A form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain.

Type of music

Flamenco is played throughout the world being most popular in Japan and Spain.

A samplehttps://soundcloud.com/nerdydanceexperiment/gerudo-valley-flamenco-remix


Originated in Southern Spain

Inspired by folk music


They sing the Cante, play the toque which is a guitar, and dance the baile and jaleo. They also snap and clap so the dancer has a beat for rhythm. The girls wear long flowing dressing dresses. Men wear nice clothing typically black. A famous artist that is involved in is Enrique Morente.

Connections to dance

The dances associated with the Flamenco baile and jaleo. There is no specific dance for the flamenco but they all focus on rhythm.

The music today

The music is still popular today in places that have lots of culture. In places all around the world. The interest in the flamenco is growing today.
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