Bugella's Weekly News

John Powers Center

Week of Feb. 8, 2016

What Is Happening This Week?

Monday (Feb 8)

High School FIE/IEP 1:30pm

Parent Cafe at Powers 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Tuesday (Feb 9)

Tackes Team Meeting 8:00am

Wednesday (Feb 10)

Early Dismissal Schedule

Victory Retirement Center Visitors - O'Rourke

PARCC Training - 1:00pm in Jodi's Office

Para Training at 2:00pm in Multi-purpose room

Powers Staff Meeting - 2:30pm

Thursday (Feb 11)

Boornazian Team Meeting at 8:00am

Friday (Feb 12)

Happy Dance!! Enjoy your 3-day weekend!

Extended School Year Applications Are Available in the Office

If you are interested in working with us for Extended School Year, please complete an application as soon as possible. ESY at Powers is a lot of fun; the days are short; you have Fridays off; and this year the 4th of July falls on a Monday so everyone gets a 4-day weekend. Please think about serving our students for 5 weeks this summer. The program starts on June 13 and it goes through July 14th.

Welcome to New Staff

As many of you already know our SPL services have expanded by 1.5 days. Mimi Breit will be with us for a half day each week on Tuesday morning. Jen Drajpuch will be with us all day every Friday.

We also welcome Sean Philbin, paraprofessional with Megan White, and as I said last week, Rosalie Gajewski, paraprofessional with Katie B.

Husband's Surgery

My husband will be having a full hip replacement on February 23rd. I will be taking a medical leave to assist him in his recovery starting on February 23rd. I will be off for about 2 weeks if all goes well. There are IEP meetings scheduled for the morning of March 2nd that I do plan to attend. Please let me know if there is anything that we would need to plan ahead for during my absence. :)

Terri's Out of the Building Schedule

Mon., Feb 8- Powers All Day

Tues., Feb 9- Powers All Day

Wed., Feb 10 - Powers All Day

Thurs., Feb 11 - Powers All Day

Fri., Feb 12 -Powers All Day