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Tracy Pruitt

I teach in a Title 1 school with a great group of 5th graders. This list includes items from social-emotional learning trade books to food individually wrapped for a daily snack. Thank you for showing my students examples of random acts of kindness.

Katrina Vaughn

About to be a first-year teacher! Graduating in December and starting from scratch.


Lisa Philbeck

Hi! As we continue to trudge through this pandemic, we must remember our children. I'm doing all I can to offer a "normal" classroom experience as best I can. Your help to clear my list is gratefully accepted.


Melissa McCrary

I am a dance educator in a Title 1 school. I have a lot of books on my list in order to bring more literacy aspects into my dance classroom for students of all ages.


Crystal Tadlock

Our class loves to investigate science with lots of hands-on activities. This list includes materials for various science investigations, experiments, and projects. Thank you for your help in allowing us to explore our world!


Delonte Hough ** CLEARED**

Greetings, my name is Delonte Hough and I will be entering my 1st year of teaching at Darlington Middle School, teaching 8th grade social studies. Thanks in advance for your donations.


Patti Barker

While I would love for students to be intrinsically motivated to read, giving them a small treat or prize when they read books for our monthly library challenges gets them even more excited about reading.

Sara Beth Kripinski

I teach math and students always need pencils or lead. We also use lots of cards sorts so the baggies will help students stay organized. The desk organizer is to try to help me get organized!

Catherine Holub-Ward

I am a 2nd yr teacher and care deeply about providing students a space for them to learn and explore freely. I strive to be an educator that is always learning. Please consider clearing our wishlist! Your support is so meaningful and impactful.

Kammie Frady

I teach 4th grade at title 1 school. I love introducing my students to the classic books I read at their age. I also like involving them in hands-on experiences!


Stephanie Jonas

It’s my mission to foster a love of music and literacy in my classroom!


Kaylah Haney

I am a first year, 3rd grade teacher! Here is my wish list.


Yvonne Simmonds

I am a Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science teacher at a rural high school in upstate SC.


Mollie Kuhn **CLEARED**

I teach kindergarten. Thank you for your support. #ClearlyTheSCEA #clearthelists


Megan Calkins

I teach elementary music with two self-contained classes. In this school of high poverty (over 80%), I hope to bring the creative world of music and instruments to my classroom. Please consider donating to help bring this dream to a reality.

Cornelia Hillman

I am a Self-Contained Special Education teacher that wants to bring more hands on Science activities into my classroom! My students learn best with multi-sensory instruction. Thank you!

Erika Patterson

I am a veteran teacher in Rural York, SC! I have been an SCEA member my whole teaching career! Thank you for your support.

Samantha Grice

I graduate in May and plan to teach in the Clover School District. I love the schools in South Carolina and will most likely teach in SC until I retire. I can not wait to become a teacher and teach for a brighter future. Thank you so much!

Melody Wofford, Upstate-UniServ Director