Paola Middle School

January Newsetter

Important Dates

Jan. 9th - Boys Basketball - 7th Grade @ Wheatridge; 8th Grade @ PMS

Jan. 12th- Boys Basketball- 7th Grade @ Ottawa; 8th Grade @ PMS

Jan. 13th- PMS Spelling Bee - 1:00 p.m.

Jan. 16th- NO SCHOOL

Jan. 17th- Boys Basketball- 7th Grade @ PMS; 8th Grade @ Louisburg

Jan. 19th- Boys Basketball- 7th Grade @ Woodland Spring; 8th @ PMS

Jan. 26th- Boys Basketball- 7th Grade @ PMS; 8th Grade @ Spring Hill

Jan. 30th- Boys Basketball- 7th Grade @ PMS; 8th Grade @ Ottawa

Jan. 31st- Boys Basketball- 7th Grade @ PMS; 8th Grade @ Trail Ridge

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Kitchen Staff Member, Sondra Criddle Awarded!

Sondra Criddle was awarded the Peter John Loux award. This annual $1000 award is presented to a Kansan with a disability who has shown determination toward their employment and educational goals, community activism, and personal achievements. Congratulations Sondra on your achievement, Paola Middle School is lucky to have you!

Cell Phone Policy

All students are to have their cell phones in their locker or in their backpack from 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. If you have a message you need to get to your student, please call the office. Thank you for helping us protect the learning environment.


Sixth grade Communications students were able to earn an AR reward by receiving 10 points or more on their AR tests. The following students earned that reward of making their own Christmas ornaments:

Kaden Ferrio

Jade Willard

Brind Bennett

Kailynn Kirk

Aryah Baldridge

Declan Bean

Charlotte Hobart

Molly Ward

Elijah Wolf

Adalyn Brummer

Vivian Garrison

Boyd Shafer

Ashlyn Barber

Cole Burchett

Anna Caster

Massimo DiMartino

Macyn Goode

Greyson Griffith-Hizey

Ethan Horn

Kevin Meyer

Molly Morris

Ryan Ragsdale

Emma Ramirez

Olive Rocha

Henry Schrotberger

Rose Simons

Faith Sparks

Gentry Ward

Bristol Wicker

Student Attendance at Games and Activites!

Paola Middle School encourages all of our students to get involved. PMS is one of the few schools in the league that does not charge our students to enter the game/activity. Please continue to be good crowd participants by positively impacting the game through good sportsmanship. Please make sure to have plans to be picked up upon the completion of the contest/game. Let's have a great Winter/Spring Season!

6th Grade Social Studies!

6th Grade Social Studies is winding down their unit on Ancient Egypt. The students learned how people in this period preserved the bodies of pharaohs and other important officials. 6th graders placed an apple, a pharaoh representation, into his sarcophagus for the drying out process. Then each team created formulas for preserving the organs for their canopic jar. Students also had fun designing our toothpick pyramids to determine who would stand the test of time.

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