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Middle distances: choice to join fast, medium or easy pack. Bib-up packs. Set off at intervals. Easy first. Aim to pass those aheadThrows: don't feel you have to use standard equipt. when teaching throws. Use a variety of objects to help develop technique; Beanbags, shuttlecock, hola hoops ......Intro to sprinting, short distance walking races. Best use of driving arms/pocket to socket arm action usually wins


Tennis: serving: two ones on right side at net to show when the score is even you serve from the right. One cone on the left to show when the score is odd you serve from the leftStart lesson one with introduction to serving. Gives pupils more lessons to practice the serveTennis - increase depth of ground strokes by having cones in tramlines. During rally, students score more points for deeper shots


Cricket: differentiation for bowling, high ability bowl at 1 stump, middle ability at two and low ability at threeCricket: don't waste too much time/effort on grip, stance, backlift. As long as kids have an "axe-like" grip, are balanced & eyes level they'll be ok. When set, their eyes should be roughly over off-stump. Some of the best ever batters weren't text-book


Rounders: backstop/1st base drill - batter holds hoop at target height. Bowl, if through hoop - batter tries to make 1st base, B/S throws to 1st. If batter makes it, wins point. If 1st base makes catch & runs batter out; lose point

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