My poems

By:Lacey Mcginnis



Bright, loud

Tumbles, yells, splits

brings up the football team


Makes me think of

Rainbows make me think of skittles.

Skittles makes me think of candy.

Candy makes me think of kittens.

Kittens makes me think of soft blankets.

Soft blankets makes me think of sleep.

Sleep makes me think of dreams.

Dreams make me think of rainbows.


Loving kind soul

Athletic in flexibility

Curious minded in everything

Excitable at times

Yells really loud in cheerleading

Color poem

Red is a mad emoji.

Red is a folder.

Red smells like a pretty rose.

Red tastes like an apple.

Red sounds like blood dripping on the ground.

Red looks like blazing heat in a fire.

Red feels like looking at the sun for way too long.

Red makes me want to punch something.

Red is a T-shirt

exaggeration poem

Homework, oh homework I hate you.

I do wish a bomb could explode on you.

Blow you into bits, it would.

Throw you in the water, let you get all soggy.

Instead of writing, I am fighting my brain.

I'd rather wrestle a hungry lion than you.

Eat spinach for dinner with toad stew.

I would take a bath with man-eating sharks.

Get stung by 10 bees instead of tackling you.

Or jump off a skyscraper than do you.

I'd rather get blown up into the sky.

Homework, oh homework until we meet again.


See the lion roar

It's mane so tangled and gold

Caged up inside bars


My honesty is as pure as water.

My eyes are as green as leaves.

My laugh is like a hyena.

My bravery is like a hungry shark.

My skin is as light as snow.

My poem is sunshine shining.

I am a lion running through the Savannah.

I am the trees.


My eyes, my eyes oh how I admire,

Your hazel-ish tone with desire.

When I see, it is because of you.

Hiding behind glasses, sometimes you do.

Sometimes though you do the same as me,

you sleep when I rest my head for the night.

Your beautiful because your bright,

The light that shines within.

For it is you my eyes that i will

always cherish and have with me.


I am a tree.

My branches poke you with a shock.

I am your air to breathe.

And I shade you from the sun.

My leaves fall down on my roots.

Though still, I have bark that will scratch.

I am a tree

rhyme scheme

My favorite color is pink.

Her favorite color is blue.

I can do homework in a blink.

and she can't even tie her shoe.

that is the difference between us.


There was an old cat named Scruffy.

Who started to get all puffy.

She ate some nasty fish.

That made her wish,

That she ate something more muddy.