The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963

By Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watsons

Kenneth , Byron , Joetta are the three kids of the Watsons family. The Watsons aint that kind of a normal family. They always get into trouble by someway , they live in Flint, Michigan and they drive over to their gradmas house in Birmingham, Alabma so Byron will behave and be a little bit more kinder

Kenneth , Byron , Joetta

Kenneth is the guy who is telling the story in the book , Kenneth is the ten year old in the Watsons, he has a lazy eye that people make fun of him about it but he really seems like he doesnt care . he has to look at some one from the side so it will look like his eyes are normal. He makes fun of his brother Byron sometimes but Byron will get him back.Byron is the bad kid in the Watsons, he always makes fun of other kids besides Joetta, Byron is just that kind of kid that is mean to people but most of all he makes fun of Kenneth and sometimes he can be nice to him to. Byron always looks out for Joetta (the little sister) but once Byron gets to Birmingham , he acts to be nice around his family so then they will go back to Flint, Michigan.Joetta is the little sister in the Watsons, she is always caring for her family! she is the nice girl that you would be the best friends with. But if you tell her something like a scary story or a lie she will become scared.

The Brown Bomber

The "Brown Bomber" is the watsons car that they drove to birmingham. They said in the book that its a old scratched up car but then Dad gets the family together to improve the "Brown Bomber"

The Wooh Pooh

Kenny had gone to a abandoned swimming area amd Byron said if he goes there that the Wooh Pooh will get him but Kenny ignores him and goes anyways! so he gets in the water and he says that the Wooh Pooh grabbed his ankle and dragged him deep down into the water and Byron had pranked him but as Kenny goes deep in the water. Byron dives in after Kenny dragging him up to the surface. Also when the bomb happened at the church , Kenny though he say the Wooh Pooh walking around inside the bombed churched ( so the Wool Pooh is like a sign of death to Kenneth ) Kenny runs back home and sits on his bed holding a shiny shoe and he thought it was Joettas shoe because she went to sunday school that day , Joetta walks to the bedroom door and Kenny thinks he sees the Wooh Pooh witha rope tied around Joettas waist and Kenny keeps his head down thinking that its the ghost of Joetta but she thinks that he is fooling around with her so she goes up stairs and calls for her mother then Kenny relizes that the Wooh Pooh had let Joetta free

The Watsons go to Birmingham video!