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12/10/2019 Update

It's hard to believe that we just finished our 1st trimester. It was great to see so many families here for parent/teacher conferences. We hope that you find the report cards and meetings with teachers informative and helpful.

Cards for Carlos ~ We would love to make Carlos’ wish come true by sending over 900 christmas cards his way from TES! Thank you to Carbon Colors for supplying enough cards for every student and staff member.

If you wish to add a card from your family, please send to TES by Wednesday, 12/11 so we can send them to Boston Children’s Hospital before the holidays.

Thank you for your support with this! ️☃️


Thank you for your continued support of Adopt a Family. This week, students are encouraged to participate in Spirit Week and bring in coins for the drive. (see below)

Over the summer, I sent the message below to families. I thought the timing was perfect to share this again.

We have the responsibility for the well-being and safety of over 800 students. We work hard at putting the pieces together, rely on others to help us look for potential problems.

We go into this not wanting to let anyone down. Not a staff member, not a parent and most importantly, not a child. They count on us each and everyday. You count on us each and everyday to ensure that your child is well cared for, safe and educated. I promise you that is what we all strive to do each day.

But, we aren’t perfect.
We are human.
We make mistakes.
We have bad days.
So, as we start this school year and you send us your child each day please know a few things about our teachers and staff:

1. Our number 1 concern is the safety of your child. So, we will probably inconvenience you asking for your license, take your time as we dismiss safely, and maybe even question your whereabouts in the building. We do this because we care about your child.

2. We care very much for your child’s social and emotional well being. With that being said, your child may come home upset, crying or feeling confused about their day. It wasn’t intentional, but if you communicate with us we will adjust and do what we can to ensure that next day and every day after is a smile. We do this because we care about your child.

3. Be patient, we make mistakes. We forget to send homework home, forget to send an email to tell you about the day, misplace that attendance note, or maybe didn’t follow up on something we promised. Remind us and we will remind you when you need it. It’s not intentional, but it happens to all of us. Please do this for us because we really do care about your child.

4. We want to be a team. Sometimes that means we may disagree. Let’s work through it and work together because we both want what is best for your child and OUR relationship is key. Please remember this because we care about your child.

5. Please remember they have families and lives outside of school, but none of us turn off work. We are always reflecting and thinking about ways that we can improve to meet the needs of all kids. However, we may need 24 hours to get back to you when you reach out. We will get back to you because we care about your child.

6. Your child is important to us and we need your support. We will support you in return because we care about your child.

I ask you to trust us, but if that trust waivers that you take the time to work with us. It wasn’t intentional and we will do whatever we can to work as a team to nurture, support and educate your child like they are our own.

If you remember one thing from this message, remember that our staff put forth an incredible amount of time (sometimes sacrificing their own family) thinking about YOUR child because they truly care.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the main office with any questions.

School Cancellation/Delayed Opening Message from Superintendent Flanagan

It is hard to believe that we are already in November and that the first trimester wraps up in a few weeks. This morning I was watching the weather forecast for the week and some are predicting potential snow for this Friday. Though I do not believe it will impact our commute too much, this does seem like an ideal time to explain the process that we use to make decisions about school cancellations and delays, as well as outline our communication plan.

When there is a chance of snow and/or ice impacting the morning commute, I first contact Steve Coughlan, our Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds at 4:45 a.m. Steve will communicate directly with the highway department and police department to assess current travel conditions and relay that information to me. I use this time to monitor local satellite projections, weather forecasts and a regional superintendent communication chain to arrive at a decision as to whether or not a school cancellation or delay will occur. I strive to make this decision by 5:45 a.m. at the latest. In some instances, the forecast allows us to make a decision the evening before, at which point I will communicate the decision immediately.

The first notice of communication will be via our school communication platform, which includes a text message, email, and links to my twitter account @DrMFlanagan. After this initial communication, I then contact the local major television networks to inform them of the decision so that it appears on the school cancellation scroll. I have also asked building principals to utilize their school social media platforms to communicate the message as well.

I recognize that there are varying opinions of when a school district should cancel or delay. Please know that I make the decision based upon the most current road conditions as well as the length, timing and projection of the individual storm. Our primary goal is to keep students safe as they travel to and from school.

Thank you,

Dr. Flanagan

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Student Information Form

Recently, an email was sent in regards to completing the Student Information Form. The information form, accessible through the parent portal, is used to collect items such as family information, emergency contact data, and medical permissions. It is crucial that you complete this form as soon as possible. Failure to submit this form will affect your student’s ability to attend field trips, participate in after-school activities, and receive medications from the school nurse.

Day to Day Substitutes

We are looking for day-to-day substitutes. Our daily rates are:

Paraprofessionals - $70

Teacher - $80

If you are interested or know someone who might be, lease contact Liz Gill at 978-649-1990 or

elizabeth.gill@tyngsboroughps.org. Thank you!

~ IMPORTANT DATES ~ (*Dates are subject to change)


Friday, December 20th - Early Release Day (Preschool Dismissal @ 11:30 & Kindergarten - Grade 5 @ 12:00)

Happy Holidays from TES!


Thursday, January 2nd - Return to School

Wednesday, January 8th - Early Release Day (Preschool Dismissal @ 11:30 & Kindergarten - Grade 5 @ 12:00)

Wednesday, January 8th - Grade 4 Music Performance @ 10:00 (details to follow)

Monday, January 20th - No School - Martin Luther King Day

Please save the dates and plan accordingly.

MCAS Testing Days for Grades 3-5

April 28 - 29 - ELA (Final Day for Make-Ups May 1st)

May 5-6 - Science

May 13-14 - Math (Final Day for Make-Up May 22nd)

Please consider supporting our amazing community groups.




The Tyngsborough Public Schools does not discriminate against students, parents, employees or the general public on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, or age.

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