People should strive to keep peace


Romeo, and Juliet, a play by the famous playwright, William Shakespeare, tells the story of two "love birds" who's story is interrupted by a feud older than either character. When torn between love of each other and the feud between their families, they turn to the most drastic of choices, Death. Romeo, the main boy, a Montague, can often be seen with his cousin, Benvolio, often acts to show the theme People should strive to keep peace. Benvolio shows the theme through his actions, words, and his knowledge of what to do in specific circumstances.

Act 1 Scene 1

While Dueling in the streets of Verona, Benvolio remarks to Tybalt, "Put up your Swords you know not what you do."(995, l.70) Benvolio Wishes not to duel in the streets and disrupt the peace of the city. Fearing punishment for doing so he begs to no avail. A connection to another piece of literature, Blood of Olympus, can show that Nico would rather have peace between the demigods of the two camps than fight. Nico yells at the two camps "we must not fight! We need to make peace and fight the real enemy Gaea."(498)

Act 2 Scene 2

While Romeo goes off hiding in a tree Mercutio, Romeo's friend, wishes to chase after him. Benvolio advises against it saying,"...for tis vain to seek him here..."(1022 l. 44-45) Benvolio realizes that Romeo probably wants to be alone right now seeing as he is hiding in a tree. In an effort to keep peace between everyone and not to anger Romeo he suggests to leave him alone. A real life example would be shown when my mother closes her door to her bedroom. This is normally a sign that she wishes to be left alone and not bothered.

Act 3 Scene 1

The Capulet's and Montague's have been told by the Prince that another brawl happens in the city between the two families the guilty party will be charged with death. this however does not stop Tybalt and Mercutio from becoming hostile towards each other. Sensing what is about to happen Benvolio calls out,"either withdraw unto a private place or else depart."(1045 l. 53-54) Benvolio, although okay with the two fighting does not wish to see Tybalt and Mercutio fight publicly fearing that the prince will keep to his word. However, assuming the brawl happens in private, that is another story. By fighting privately, which did not happen, the peace could have been upheld. A perfect example of this would be when Bianca Fights Talos in The Titans Curse. Before going off to fight she whispers to percy, "protect my brother, finally he can have peace"(327) Hazel is tired of her brother having to fight all the time and wishes for peace.

Act 3 Scene 2

During the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt Mercutio is slain. In a fit of rage Romeo attacks Tybalt. Eventually Romeo kills Tybalt and then flees knowing what is to happen next. Tybalt and Mercutio are brought to the Prince where Benvolio begs with the prince to not kill Romeo saying, "Romeo....knees humbly bowed....Tybalt deaf to peace...was slain.'' (1050 l. 167-180) Benvolio does his best to explain that Romeo was only trying to keep peace with Tybalt. Then when Mercutio was slain had lashed out in a fit of anger. and while fighting had begged for Tybalt to stop. Benvolio begs the Prince not to kill Romeo since right now death was not going to cause peace if anything the Montegue's will be angered further since Romeo only did what he did as a means to atone for Mercutio's death. An example similar to this can be found in The Last Olympian Percy says to Annnabeth, " the last thing I want to do to Luke is Kill him.... but if I don't there may never be peace again..."(356) Although in this example Percy is trying to justify death it is still similar to Benvolio in the fact that they both are trying to find a way for peace to prevail.